Coronavirus cases surging in U.S. and around the world

Edited by Ed Newman
2020-06-22 14:45:30


Geneva, June 22 (RHC)-- The World Health Organization warned that “the world is in a new and dangerous phase” of the coronavirus pandemic.  Over 183,000 new cases were reported around the world on Sunday in the biggest single-day increase to date.  Brazil, which recently surged past 1 million coronavirus cases, had the highest daily total, followed by the United States, then India.

In the U.S., confirmed coronavirus cases have topped 2.25 million with 120,000 reported deaths. Cases are surging in at least 18 states, with young people now seen as driving recent spikes. 
California reported over 4,500 new cases on Sunday, the highest one-day increase since the pandemic started.  Eleven other states also recently reported records in new daily cases. The White House said Sunday it is preparing for a possible new wave in the fall. 

Echoing the Trump administration’s messaging, the Republican governors of Florida and Texas are blaming spikes in COVID-19 cases on increased testing.  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, though, admits there is a surge among young people under 37 and that the age is going down, and also blamed migrant worker communities.

In Northern California, rights groups and the families of prisoners at San Quentin State Prison are sounding the alarm after cases there tripled since the start of the month.  Activists who are organizing under the hashtag #StopSanQuentinOutbreak say a May 30TH transfer of prisoners from a facility in Chino is likely the reason for the outbreak and that prison staff did not isolate themselves even though prisoners are being quarantined.


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