Nicaragua demands respect for its sovereignty

Edited by Ed Newman
2021-10-26 23:25:13


​Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega criticized U.S. attempts of domination in his country and the lies it spreads against Nicaragua.​

Managua, October 27 (RHC)-- Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has reiterated the importance of sovereignty and his commitment to the defense of that right of his people, and pronounced to eliminate the acts of interference that some countries put into practice outside their geographical margins.

During an activity to accept a shipment of buses produced in Russia, held in the Plaza de la Fe Juan Pablo II in the capital city of Managua, Ortega highlighted the achievements in the development of bilateral relations between Russia and his country after the triumph of the Sandinista Revolution on July 19, 1979.

Ortega also stated that defending peace and maintaining sovereignty is a principle enshrined in the United Nations.  A right subscribed by all the territories that are part of that international organization, he said.
The Nicaraguan president pointed out that if this principle were respected, there would be peace and conditions to fight poverty, cure diseases and have a better world for all, without interference from foreign powers.

"The decision of the peoples is to defend peace and for this it is fundamental the sovereignty of all peoples, nations, where each one knows how to manage his own country and evelop programs to combat poverty," he said.

Daniel Ortega thanked Russia on Monday for its support in the fight for peace, sovereignty and justice, and highlighted that the 3.9 million doses of the Sputnik and Sputnik Light vaccines to combat COVID-19 in the country are a result of these relations.

Regarding buses for urban public transport, he specified that before the end of 2021, some 550 new Russian buses from the Eurasian country's automotive industry will arrive in Nicaragua.  He also noted that 1,100 Russian buses have been circulating on Nicaraguan streets since 2009 to date. 


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