President Pedro Castillo meets with Peruvian political parties

Edited by Ed Newman
2021-12-30 08:49:30


"With the broadest consensus of the responsible sectors, our objective will always be to work for the unity of the country," highlighted Peruvian President Pedro Castillo. | Photo: El peruano

Lima, December 30 (RHC)-- The president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, has called on the 10 political parties with parliamentary participation to a conference to jointly analyze internal issues of the South American nation.

The dialogue table precedes the previous meeting held last December 3, between the current president of Peru and several leaders of the parties, Peru Libre, Alianza para el Progreso, Somos Perú, Juntos por el Perú, Podemos Perú, and Avanza País.

In this sense, the recently convened meeting aims at specifying actions to promote economic development, among other issues related to the epidemiological context of COVID-19, such as the restart of the school year.

On the other hand, the spokesman of the bench of the Perú Libre party, Waldemar Cerrón, informed that political organizations such as, Renovación Popular, Fuerza Popular, Partido Morado and Podemos Perú, will be part of the commission selected for the conference.

"We are showing our face to our country and we are making ourselves available to the people; those who will arrive are political parties that have opened their doors, they have not come to pressure anyone nor will they be pressured, they have come to join", asserted the political leader, Waldemar Cerrón.

President Pedro Castillo was on hand for the 45th anniversary of the peasant patrols in Cuyumalca, Cajamarca region in the South American country.



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