Honduran president-elect announces that she will be sworn in before a judge

Edited by Ed Newman
2022-01-21 16:53:27


Tegucigalpa, January 21 (RHC)-- The president-elect of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, announced Thursday night that next January 27th, she will be sworn in as constitutional head of state before a judge, denouncing the treason of a group of deputies of the ruling Libre bench.

"The constitutional president will not accept to be sworn in by a president of Congress emerged from treason and will present her before a judge of the Republic and the Honduran people at 12:00 noon on January 27," Xiomara Castro said when reading a statement.

The winner of the elections of last November 28 denounced that a group of 20 of the 50 elected deputies of the Liberty and Refoundation Party (Libre) has committed an act "of treason" to the political project of re-foundation of the country.

Castro said that this situation "is an omen of a betrayal by counterrevolutionaries to the party and to the Honduran people who defeated the nationalist narco-dictatorship on Sunday, November 28."

Xiomara Castro and the leadership of Libre held a meeting on Thursday to define the slate of the Board of Directors of the Congress, which is expected to be elected this Friday, which was proposed as follows: as president Luis Redondo; vice president Hugo Noé Pino and secretary Angelica Smith.

The president-elect recalled that, due to an electoral pact celebrated with the leader of the Salvador Party of Honduras (PSH), Salvador Nasralla, it is up to him to propose the new leader of the Honduran Parliament, for which he designated Redondo.

However, that decision was not supported by a group of 20 Libre legislators, who were absent from Thursday's meeting, because they support Jorge Cálix for the position.   Whoever wishes to be the president of the National Congress (unicameral parliament) must be supported by the vote of 65 of the 128 deputies.  Prior to the split in Libre, this party had 50 legislators, plus 10 from PSH, so they required only five more votes.


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