Cedeao orders activation of reserve force against junta in Niger

Edited by Catherin López
2023-08-11 10:30:49


Joint military force of Ecowas (Photo: PL)

Abuja, Aug 11 (RHC) The president of the Commission of the Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas), Omar Alieu Touray, issued Thursday the order to activate the regional military force for a possible intervention in Niger after the coup d'état perpetrated at the end of last July.

However, the representative of the community bloc, which is made up of 15 countries, ratified the organization's permanent commitment to reestablish legality in Niger by peaceful means.

 It was also known that the spokesman of the UN secretariat, Farhan Haq, expressed that this organization is opposed to the alleged threats of the imposed ruling military junta in Niger to kill the deposed president Mohamed Bazoum, if a military intervention against that country is carried out.

According to the digital portal Vanguard, the leaders of the Ecowas are deliberating behind closed doors on the evolution of the Niger situation, with the analysis of the fulfillment of measures adopted by this community of nations, which include economic and commercial sanctions, among others.

The new authorities in Niamey, who ordered the closure of the country's airspace, previously denounced that an intervention by a neighboring state, which they did not identify, is being prepared against that territory.

In the heat of high tensions in the African region, the governments of Mali and Burkina Faso, where military coups d'état have recently taken place, maintained in a joint declaration that they would consider any intervention of uniformed troops in Niger as a declaration of war against them.

In addition to Guinea, Chad and Algeria are opposed to an eventual military operation against Niamey.


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