UN agency chief warns of unbearable suffering in Gaza

Edited by Ed Newman
2024-01-04 09:36:18


Geneva, January 4 (RHC)-- The commissioner-general of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) has warned of "unbearable suffering" and the spread of disease in the Gaza Strip, as a nightmare of bloodshed in Gaza is unfolding due to Israel's incessant bombing of the coastal territory. 

The UN agency’s commissioner-general Philippe Lazzarini in a social media post on Wednesday said that three months of the war in Gaza had led to “mass displacement, mass human losses and injuries, and mass destruction.”

“Unbearable suffering made worse by constant dehumanization and promotion of hate speech going unchecked,” he said in a post on X.  The warning comes as UNRWA has already sounded the alarm on the spread of disease in the Israeli-bombarded besieged Palestinian territory. The agency has warned that the situation in Gaza was dire after nearly 90 days of Israeli aggression.

“Overcrowded streets of Rafah witness the alarming spread of disease. Famine looms, exacerbated by restricted access. It’s critical for a humanitarian ceasefire to provide urgent aid and end this forced continuous displacement.”

Meanwhile, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh in a government meeting in the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah said on Wednesday that Gaza was witnessing “a state of hunger and starvation in scenes that are shocking to us and to the world.”

“People have lost their strength, are no longer able to support their emaciated bodies and have become exposed to epidemics and diseases,” the prime minister said.  He further noted that Gaza was suffering from hunger and starvation which was especially affecting children and infants.  Israel is committing crimes by starving Gaza’s population and preventing the delivery of food, the premier said.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Shtayyeh thanked South Africa for filing a case against Israel on charges of genocide at the International Court of Justice.



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