Three-month-old baby dies in New York City shelter as migrants confront piercing winter cold

Edited by Ed Newman
2024-01-22 23:55:32


New York, January 23 (RHC)-- In New York City, a 3-month-old migrant girl has died after suffering a cardiac arrest.  She was staying at a migrant shelter with her family in Queens. 

This comes amid an ongoing housing crisis for migrants, many of whom have been left scrambling for a safe place to live after Mayor Eric Adams imposed a 60-day limit for families to stay in shelters.  The limit is just 30 days for single men. 

In Brooklyn, around 2,000 migrants staying at the Floyd Bennett Field tent facility, many of them children, have been facing below-freezing temperatures for days. Democracy Now! was at Floyd Bennett Field this weekend and spoke to Fabiola Mendieta-Cuapio, a Brooklyn resident and immigrant justice activist, who has been organizing to help provide immigrants with essential needs and resources.

Fabiola Mendieta-Cuapio, a Brooklyn resident and imigrant justice activist said: “We’ve been receiving complaints about people getting sick, because it’s cold.  They put the heat — they have heat inside.  But still, you know, it’s just in the area, is — the area is cold, isolated. … Most of the people who live inside these tents, they’re new arrivals, right?  I don’t think it’s fair that they’re going to get kicked out and make them go to the intake center again and reapply and wait outside in the cold.  We’re talking about families with kids.  I think the city should reconsider about the 60-day rule, especially for families with small kids.”



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