Gaza deaths mount amid mass displacement as Israel continues to attack schools and hospitals

Edited by Ed Newman
2024-01-25 19:55:45


Ramallah, January 25 (RHC)-- Al Jazeera is reporting at least 20 Palestinians died earlier today in Gaza City when an Israeli tank fired shells at people lining up for humanitarian supplies.  Another 150 people were injured. This comes a day after at least 12 Palestinians were killed when Israeli tanks shelled a United Nations shelter in Khan Younis where hundreds of Palestinians had sought refuge. 

At least 75 people were injured in the attack, which resulted in a major fire.  Israel denied carrying out the attack.  The United Nations said the shelter was struck by shells from a tank, and only Israel has tanks in Gaza. 

Israel’s assault on Khan Younis has left the city facing a growing humanitarian crisis.  Authorities at the besieged Nasser Hospital say supplies of food, anesthetics and painkillers have run out.  Israel also continues to attack the southern city of Rafah, where hundreds of thousands of displaced Palestinians have fled, seeking safety.

Um Khaled Baker said: “We are displaced, and they bombed us.  My son is a martyr.  We were told to go to Rafah because it is safe.  I have 50 families staying over.  They bombed and destroyed us.  Where do we go?  Where is a safe place so we can go to?  My nationality is Egyptian, but I can’t enter or leave.  I don’t even have a tent to stay at.  They bombed us, and my son is a young martyr.  Where do we go?  The old and helpless people, what can they do?  Where do we go?”


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