Israeli minister Itamar Ben-Gvir promotes future settlements in Gaza / Newly-constructed beach front apartments built on top of dead bodies

Edited by Ed Newman
2024-05-22 16:52:07


Israeli government begins to advertise "beach front properties" in a New Gaza -- under Zionist occupation 

Tel Aviv, May 22 (RHC)-- An Israeli minister has once again called for the expulsion of the Palestinians from the Gaza Strip and an expansion of settlements in the besieged Palestinian territory. 

Itamar Ben-Gvir in comments carried by Israel’s Maariv news site on Tuesday advocated a full military takeover of Gaza.  The far-right minister said Israel should push the Palestinians to “voluntarily” leave to make way for settlements.

“Israel should be the one that controls the Gaza Strip, unequivocally, and no one else,” Ben-Gvir said.   Most important, he said, is “encouraging voluntary emigration of Palestinians” from the territory. “I would love to live in Gaza if possible.”

Last week, the minister said the settlements called for by far-right attendees were the "true solution."
"We must encourage emigration.  Encourage the voluntary emigration of the residents of Gaza.  It is moral!"

The minister has repeatedly called for the mass expulsion of Gazans and urged settlers to move into the besieged territory since Israel launched the savage military campaign across the region in early October.  Ben-Gvir has also said he "opposes transferring humanitarian aid" to the Gaza Strip, where basic necessities are scarce and a famine is looming.

Since early October, Ben-Gvir has encouraged shooting Palestinian women and children in Gaza, execution of Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails "to free prison space." He has threatened to quit Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's cabinet if the genocidal campaign ends.


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