New US budget deal includes 20 million for subversion in Cuba

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2018-03-26 09:36:38


Havana, March 26 (RHC)—  U.S. President Donald Trump signed the congressional budget deal into law Friday, finalizing the full fiscal 2018 budget. As part of that money, 20 million dollars have been earmarked for subversion in Cuba, several media outlets reported Monday.

In his budget suggestion presented in May 2017, Trump eliminated the items that would be devoted to Cuba. However, a month later he announced in Miami a new policy towards the Caribbean island, which would reinforce the economic blockade and lead to greater hostility and interference.

The new anti-Cuban money contrasts with extensive cuts in the budget to the funds for the State Department, USAID and foreign aid programs for this year.

The anti-Cuban congressmen are said to have influenced the Trump administration’s decision.

Since 1996, and under the provisions of the Helms-Burton Act, the US administrations have devoted public funds for interventionist programs in Cuba. From fiscal year 2009 to 2016, the Obama administration dedicated $ 20 million annually for these purposes.

An article by Granma newspaper points out that mercenary groups, scholarships to promote false leadership among young Cubans and the dirty war on the Internet are financed with part of that money from the US Congress, which is also a business for Florida groups that profit from the aggressions against Cuba.






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    Michael Stevens
    30/03/2018 09:20 am

    Hello again, Radio Havana. In my previous email, I mentioned that I will have the pleasure of travelling to your country in early April. I am a professional solar and renewable energy engineer, designer and builder. I am appalled by the continuing efforts of the present U.S. Administration to alienate Cuba. I wish to learn of your efforts in solar and renewable energy and perhaps contribute some of my accumulated knowledge in the field for the betterment of all I meet. I would be very pleased to visit your facilities and learn more about my neighbor to the south. Please let me know if this is at all possible.I am having a difficult time getting any information from the U.S. State Dept. prior to my visit. I wish to build bridges, not walls. Unfortunately, I do not speak Spanish. Have A Sunny Day! Michael Stevens, Owner/CTO The Solar System/ General Solar LLC. Cleveland, Ohio, USA

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