Brazil's Supreme Court requested to rule Bolsonaro's vote  on US blockade of Cuba unconstitutional

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
2021-03-16 11:53:52


Brasilia, March 16 (RHC)-- The Workers' Party (PT) filed an action in the Supreme Federal Court demanding the Brazilian government's vote in 2019  at the UN  in favor of the permanence US blockade against Cuba be declared unconstitutional.


During the United Nations General Assembly's vote on November 7, 2019, the Caribbean island received the international community's overwhelming support when 187 member states spoke out against Washington's economic, commercial and financial siege.


Only two countries abstained: Colombia and Ukraine, while the U.S., Israel and Brazil voted against lifting the siege and were isolated in the face of the majority's demands.


A note sent to Prensa Latina news agency by Carmen Diniz, coordinator of the Committee of Solidarity with Cuba in Rio de Janeiro,  indicates that the rejection by Jair Bolsonaro of the resolution to lift the blockade 'violates articles one and four of the 1988 Brazilian Federal Constitution.


It explains that the country's diplomatic position is a state policy and 'not of the government, and must observe the constitutional precepts about other nations'.


It alludes to fundamental principles and of Article four, which states that 'the Federative Republic of Brazil shall seek the economic, political, social and cultural integration of Latin America's peoples to form a Latin American community of nations. 


Likewise, by the principles of 'national independence, the prevalence of human rights, self-determination of the human rights, self-determination of peoples, non-intervention, equality among States, defense of peace and cooperation.  States, defense of peace and cooperation among peoples'.


The document recalls that Brazil, since 1992, in coherence with the Constitution,  has always voted in favor of putting an end to the unjust measure.




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