Cuban civil society joins the demand for an end to the U.S. embargo

Edited by Catherin López
2022-10-28 22:59:36


The statement asks President Biden to take stronger actions than those announced last May. Photo: Ana Fernández de Lara


Havana, Oct 28 (RHC) Cuban civil society on Friday joined the "Urgent Appeal" to U.S. President Joseph Biden by several U.S. organizations demanding the suspension of the blockade against the Island to allow recovery after the passage of Hurricane Ian last September, 27.


During the 18th Forum of the Cuban Civil Society against the Blockade, held at the Casa de Las Americas in Havana, Norma Goicochea, president of the Cuban Association of the United Nations, ACNU, read out the declaration denouncing the enormous economic damages caused by that criminal policy.


She explained that the losses amount to 154,217.3 million dollars at current prices, together with the incalculable human and psychological damage suffered by several generations of Cubans.


"The effects of the blockade on the activity of the country's organizations and social actors and the new forms of non-state management are disastrous," Goicochea added.


She added that this undermines efforts to promote Cuba's socio-economic development and to respond to decisions, including conventions, adopted by multilateral forums and supported by the international community.


Likewise, she denounced that Washington continues to apply the illegal policy with full rigor, which generated damages to Cuba amounting to more than six thousand 364 million dollars in the first 14 months of its government.


"We ask President Biden to take more energetic actions than those announced last May, aimed at reversing the inhumane measures applied by his predecessor in the White House," he added. (Source: ACN)



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