Raul and Diaz-Canel Pay Tribute to the November 30 Martyrs

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2022-11-30 22:08:32


Raul and Diaz-Canel Pay Tribute to the November 30 Martyrs


Santiago de Cuba, Nov 30 (RHC) The Leader of the Revolution, Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, and the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, dedicated floral wreaths to the martyrs of the November 30 Armed Uprising in Santiago de Cuba, on the 66th anniversary of the daring action in support of the landing of the Granma.


On behalf of the President of the National Assembly of People's Power and the Council of State, Esteban Lazo Hernández, the Cuban people and relatives of the fallen Pepito Tey, Tony Alomá, and Otto Parellada, wreaths were laid at the site that honors their memory in Loma del Intendente, the place where they died during the assault at the National Police Station.


After the tribute of the highest authorities of the Party and the government in the province, José Ramón Monteagudo Ruiz and Beatriz Johnson Urrutia, respectively, as well as heads of the FAR and the MININT, outstanding students recalled the event, but this time, instead of carrying weapons they were holding the Cuban and 26th of July flags, as well as huge school pencils.

In the former Police Station, the young generation now displayed Cuban and 26th of July flags.

One of the participants in the actions of November 30, the clandestine fighter Luis Alberto Clergé Fabran, emphasized that, in that challenge to the repressive forces of Batista's tyranny, the unforgettable Frank País showed them the leader to follow was Fidel, and that just as he had anticipated in the Moncada, the people of Santiago would become active revolutionary fighters.


As an expression of the continuity of the love of the people of Santiago for their Revolution and the Communist Party of Cuba, a group of new members of the organization, received in the act the card that accredits them, from the hands of Monteagudo Ruiz and Johnson Urrutia.


Lisbeth Ramírez Hernández, first secretary of the Young Communist Union in the territory, said that faithful to those who offered their lives, it is up to the new generations to be more productive in all spheres, to confront illegalities and to strengthen the conviction that the ideological battle can never be neglected. (Source: Granma)


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