Cuban foreign minister calls on Group of 77 plus China to multiply solidarity in the face of coercion

Edited by Ed Newman
2022-12-15 23:20:13


Havana, December 15 (RHC)-- Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez has urged the Group of 77 plus China to multiply solidarity and cooperation in the face of coercion, unilateralism and selfishness.

During his remarks at the bloc's Ministerial Conference, the foreign minister insisted that current development challenges require the group to strengthen as never before the spirit of struggle and unity to achieve its legitimate demands.

"Let us make our voice heard as one," stressed Rodriguez, who called to vindicate the dreams of prosperity and social justice of the peoples of those countries and to make them come true.

"Let us not be mere spectators of our destiny, humanity needs us to act, future generations will be grateful," said Rodriguez in his speech.

He also mentioned that national efforts to comply with the 2030 Agenda and the Addis Ababa Action Agenda must be supported by actions in terms of market access, as well as financing under fair and preferential conditions.

He also stressed the need for capacity building and technology transfer, in addition to North-South cooperation.

"While millions of dollars are spent to finance wars and the arms race, the South carries on its shoulders the burden of poverty, underdevelopment, debt and centuries of colonial exploitation and structural deformations," the head of Cuban diplomacy reminded the forum.

He added that the G77 has a fundamental role in a context of multidimensional systemic crisis in the health, energy, food and environmental spheres, the result of an unjust international economic order that disproportionately impacts the countries of the South.

He said that it is strategic and decisive as a forum for negotiation and coordination of developing countries, and added that this is a pillar that the Caribbean nation will preserve during its pro tempore presidency in 2023.

He thanked the members of the bloc for their support and confidence in the island, which next January, after the Islamic Republic of Pakistan completes its mandate, will assume the coordination of the group.

The Cuban foreign minister will participate in the Ministerial Conference on December 15 and 16, in New York, a meeting whose central theme is Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by addressing current challenges and building resilience against future crises.

Other issues are being discussed in roundtable format, such as mobilizing finance for the achievement of the SDGs; international climate action; international trade, development and investment to achieve the SDGs; and expanding access to finance and investment in Africa and countries in special situations.


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