Prominent Cuban journalist and professor Arnaldo Coro Antích passes away

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2023-01-08 10:17:58


Havana, January 8 (RHC)-- In the early hours of this Sunday morning, the outstanding journalist and university professor Arnaldo (Arnie) Coro Antich -- one of the founders of Radio Havana Cuba in 1961 and with a long working career in Cuban radio -- passed away in Havana.

Winner of the National Radio Award 2017, Coro was born on July 2, 1942.   From a very young age, he was linked to radio broadcasting.  He was an expert radio amateur (his call sign:  CO2KK) and a specialist in Mass Media and New Information and Communications Technologies.

He taught as Assistant Professor at the Higher Institute of International Relations of MINREX and served as Vice President of the Cuban Commission for the Preservation of Audiovisual Heritage, created by UNESCO.

Arnie Coro was the author of numerous scientific and technical publications, including the book "La Guerra Radial de Los Estados Unidos de América Contra Cuba," published in 1984.  

He was the host of the internationally-renowned radio program "Dxers Unlimited," which he kept on-the-air for many years on the English-language broadcasts of Radio Havana Cuba.   "Dxers Unlimited" was one of the most popular radio programs in English and was considered a profesional guide to shortwave listening around the world.   

Arnie's last working years were spent in Radio Habana Cuba’s English language service, a group that regrets his death and sends its condolences to his family and friends.


  • James R Renfrew's gravatar
    James R Renfrew
    08/01/2023 06:22 pm

    Que lastima! Un bueno amigo de muchos DXistas.

  • George Clement's gravatar
    George Clement
    08/01/2023 08:24 pm

    I am saddened to have just found out the passing of Arnie Coro Co2KK He was an inspiration for shortwave listeners like me who helped me get into shortwave listening and later became a ham radio operator He was beyond helpful as an ambassador for all radio enthusiasts around the world I still remember hearing him once on my radio on a 6 meter opening here in Florida and of course every Tuesday nights listening to his program DXers Unlimited on RHC . He will truly by missed by me as well as countless other radio fans around the world. Arnie was truly a world ambassador and despite the political differences our contries he remained ever faithful to the cause of promoting goodwill among world radio listeners. I for one will miss hearing his friendly voice over the air condolences to his family and co workers and listeners. Rest in Peace Anrnaldo "Arnie " Coro 73 de George Clement KF4ZKU

  • Dr. Jim Meyer's gravatar
    Dr. Jim Meyer
    08/01/2023 11:43 pm

    I am so very sad to hear of Arnie's death. My condolences to all. These words do not come close to conveying my heartbreaking sadness. I was born in 1952 and began listening to shortwave (and RHC) about 1962. My memory of Arnie on RHC goes back as far as I can remember. Arnie greatly influenced who I am today and opened my mind to much about the world. Thank-you to Arnie, his family, and all involved with Arnie and RHC!

  • Jay H Ballard's gravatar
    Jay H Ballard
    17/01/2023 05:57 pm

    I listened to DXers Unlimited for decades, and his broadcasts were strictly apolitical and always concentrated on the love of radio communication. What a great loss! And a great ambassador for international understanding. My condolences to his family, and those at RHC.

  • Sheldon Harvey, CIDX's gravatar
    Sheldon Harvey, CIDX
    15/01/2023 11:41 am

    On behalf of all of the members of the Canadian International DX Club, I wish to extend our condolences to the family and friends of Arnie Coro. The world of international broadcasting, as well as the amateur radio world, has lost a renowned member of the international radio community. Sheldon Harvey President - Canadian International DX Club

  • PATRICK MACKIN's gravatar
    06/02/2023 06:47 pm

    I think Arnie could never know the huge reach and impact he had on the world. I would occasionally listen to the strong and clear signal on 6,000 Khz and dreamed one day of traveling to Cuba and possibly meeting this legend. I listened often in the 2000s in college and I'm happy to see relations warming between the USA and Cuba, though it's sad Arnie never lived to see a full rapporchement. I imagine there are thousands and thousands like me that Arnie will never know. He had a great, clear strong, and friendly speaking voice, and a way of capturing your curiosity. God Bless you Arnie! To me he is a hero I will always remember as the chapter on Shortwave comes to an end.

  • Dan's gravatar
    15/01/2023 11:20 pm

    My condolences to the RHC family. Arnie will be missed. Many of us always enjoyed listening to DXers Unlimited. One of the many joys of short wave.

  • David Wade's gravatar
    David Wade
    08/01/2023 04:28 pm

    Very sorry to read that Arnie Coro died. His DX-ers Unlimited program on RHC's English hour was one of my favorite programs on RHC.

  • Mike Stapp's gravatar
    Mike Stapp
    08/01/2023 05:33 pm

    Will miss Professor Coro very much. Friend to DXers and hams around the world. I always enjoyed DXers Unlimited. 73 dear friend de KE0WW dit dit

  • Paul Brown VE3SU's gravatar
    Paul Brown VE3SU
    08/01/2023 05:43 pm

    Condolences to all cuban people. Arnie was my friend for many years as a ham operator. I will miss his programs and comments on Radio Havana as well as corresponding with him . He was a legend. R.I.P. .Arnie.

  • Lucretia's gravatar
    09/01/2023 01:08 pm

    Rest in peace dear Arni. You gave us a lot!

  • Saul W3WHK's gravatar
    Saul W3WHK
    09/01/2023 03:04 pm

    I spent many happy hours listening to "DXers Unlimited" from here in Philadelphia PA USA, and am very sorry to hear of his passing.

  • Manfred Korn's gravatar
    Manfred Korn
    26/03/2023 12:43 pm

    Fare well Arnie CO2KK, no more CQs on the DXers unlimite show. It was a pleasure and a priviledge to meet Arnie and his familiy in 2015 and participate on his vast memories on radio in all his aspects. His "islander" will remain in the future and his minimal setups are examples for the radio entusiasts. I'll forward the sad knews to our local annual shortwave listeners meeting and remind on him.

  • Jeremy Lansman's gravatar
    Jeremy Lansman
    26/02/2023 10:34 am

    I am so sad I didn't get to know Arnie. As a youngster I listened to Havana radio both before and after your revolution. When my American school teacher said "Communists are all criminals" due to my international radio listening, I felt she was wrong.

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