As the new school year is almost ready to begin, nostalgic memories emerge as the eternal gratitude of these young men and women from other nationalities is felt. Some are leaving the Villa Clara Superior Education classrooms. Others return to their countries while holding on to the love and affection, the rigor of their teachers and the pride of knowing that they are going to serve their people with a wide range of skills that they've learned here in Cuba. And still others stay to continue their specialties and studies to learn more, but they all keep in their hearts the love for our island.... More

Back to School on September 1st

The 2015-2016 school year will start on the 1st of September with over 1 million 700 thousand children and teenagers entering in all of the different levels of education. ... More

The Cuban medical mision in Venezuela supports six health programs in the seven thousand consulting offices to, among other purposes, contribute to the healthcare education of the people, improving the quality in primary care and prevention of diseases, mainly non transferable chronical illness such as cardiovascular accidents, diabetes and arterial hypertension, which are considered the first causes of death in the nation. ... More

The founding members of the FMC, the Federation of Cuban Women, recalled in Havana the eternal president, Vilma Espin, during a meeting held to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the women's organization.... More

Just a few hours after US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke in Havana about democracy and human rights in his speech at the official reopening of the US Embassy in Cuba, the New York Times revealed that a Yemeni prisoner remains on a hunger strike at the prison on the U.S. Guantanamo Naval Base.... More

Hi amigos radioaficionados now listening to the weekend edition of Dxers Unlimited . I am your host Arnie Coro, radio amateur CO2KK and here is item one of today's show: Short wave listeners and radio amateurs worldwide are now becoming more and more aware of what the extended period of extremely low solar activity ahead will change our hobby.... More

Cuba and the United States have begun the long and complex road towards the normalization of relations with the creation of a joint commission that will select the specific issues to be discussed between both nations.... More

Distinguished members of the Cuban delegation; Excellencies from the diplomatic corps; colleagues from Washington; Ambassador De Laurentis and embassy staff; and friends watching around the world:... More

And Now... End the Blockade!

As of this Friday, with the official re-opening of the US Embassy in Cuba, the first phase of the long and complex process of rapproachment and normalization of bilateral links between the two nations closes, and a new way is opened, whose priority will be the struggle for the elimination of the US blockade of the Island, the return of the occupied territory in the Guantanamo Bay area and the end of all aggressions against the people of Cuba and their Revolution. ... More

This Thursday, precisely at eight fifteen in the morning, local time, an adolescent girl and a school boy from Japan rang the bell at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, to recall the exact moment when, seventy years ago, a U.S. atomic bomb wiped out that Japanese city and in a matter of seconds killed eighty thousand people, although the final number of victims rose to two hundred thousand due to burns, wounds and the lethal effect of nuclear radiation.... More

The Cuban flag was raised on July 20th for the first time in over half a century at what was once again be the site of the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba to the United States of America. On that same day normal diplomatic activities began across the Florida Straights at the reinstated Embassy of the United States of America to the Republic of Cuba, according to an editorial by the The Huffington Post.... More

The New York Times apparently did not want to keep silent after Hillary Clinton had the “gall” of speaking in the very heart of Miami on the need to end the U.S. “embargo” on Cuba, meaning, of course, the U.S. blockade.... More

Every year, since 1992, World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated from August 1st to the 7th in more than 120 countries around the world. ... More

Happy Birthday, Fidel!

Just over one week away from his birthday, and although he has been away from the presidency for nearly ten years, Fidel Castro continues to be the source of news in the Americas and in the rest of the world.... More

Attempts to bring former Guatemalan dictator Efraín Ríos Montt to justice are like something out of a comedy sketch, in a country where the judicial system is not exempt from looming corruption scandals and institutional crisis. ... More