Argentinian Public TV will broadcast the last program of the emblematic cycle "Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo". The authorities of the channel decided to exclude it from its programming, a measure that has provoked rejection, but not surprise, given the government's intention to do away with public media and the denialist attitude of president Javier Milei about the military dictatorship.... More

Taking off the mask

Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented his first program for the post-war period in the Gaza Strip, in which he reveals his intention to maintain absolute control over that territory, which means discarding forever the existence of an independent Palestinian state.... More

Scientists speak out

The links between Cuban and U.S. scientists date back to the first half of the 19th century, although after the imposition of the blockade they were diluted, until a new phase, not free of obstacles, was opened after 2015.... More

The Brazilian government, a tenacious promoter of the reduction of food vulnerabilities in the South American country, promoted an agreement in this sense, with global projection, in the Group of 20.... More

International health agencies have warned that both short- and medium-term exposure to high levels of air pollution can increase the risk of respiratory diseases, heart disease, stroke and lung cancer.... More

A flagship product of Cuban biotechnology, HEBERPROT-P, continues to expand its presence in the world and to benefit more patients with diabetic foot ulcers, a global health problem.... More

Rebellion in the countryside

This week, the city of Madrid, the Spanish capital, experienced an unusual situation when more than 500 tractors and other agricultural vehicles, along with farm animals, entered the city to demand that the government listen to their demands.... More

Wacky adventure in the networks

Judicial wars against political personalities and the poisoning of social networks with distortions and false news are becoming more and more common nowadays, with members of left-wing and progressive parties as favourite targets.... More

Cuban women are preparing for the 11th Congress of their umbrella organisation, the FMC, which for more than 6 decades has represented the interests of this important segment of the population and supported their full integration into society.... More

Trade delegation visits could be frequent between Cuba and the United States given their geographic proximity, although the blockade prevents this.... More

Two weeks after the presidential and legislative elections in El Salvador, the composition of the new Legislative Assembly, which will have 60 members, is now known.... More

Poverty in Argentina stands at over 57%, a rate that many fear could continue to rise, given the measures adopted by the government of President Javier Milei, which are leading to a rapid deterioration in the living conditions of many Argentinian families.... More

Can it be any clearer?

Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva recently expressed a series of blunt truths about what is really happening in the Middle East, in particular in the martyred Gaza Strip, subjected to intense Zionist bombardment and ground attacks.... More

Thousands of Peruvians continue to be unable to access their livelihood, fishing, just over two years after the oil spill by the Spanish multinational REPSOL on the coast of the district of Ventanilla, in the province of Callao, considered the biggest ecological disaster in the history of the Andean country.... More

Remember 2003

Although 21 years have passed since those events, it is appropriate for the world to keep in mind the months prior to the so-called Gulf War II, when the United States blatantly lied to justify the attacks and bombings against Iraq.... More