Havana, April 20 (RHC)-- Family doctor's offices in Havana will become the clinical sites for starting the first stage of mass vaccination against COVID-19 in Cuba.... More

Havana, April 6 (RHC)-- A virtual Cuba-Germany business forum will be held on April 14 to explore the possibilities of collaboration in the biotechnology and biopharmaceutical sectors, the ProCuba center announced.... More

Havana, April 5 (RHC)-- Cuba's anti-Covid-19 vaccine candidates Soberana 02 and Abdala are entering the second dose of Phase III clinical trials on Monday.... More

Havana, April 1 (RHC) -- Cuba’s homegrown vaccine candidates have made headlines worldwide. Less well-known is its production of medical gear such as ventilators and CT scanners for the treatment of COVID-19 patients in a bid to achieve “technological sovereignty” during the pandemic, says Reuters news agency.... More

Havana, March 30 (RHC) Of the five vaccine candidates available in Cuba, two of them, Soberana 02 and Abdala, are in Phase III clinical trials, in addition to a controlled intervention study which, in the case of Soberana 02, began a week ago in Havana, and this Monday started with Abdala.... More

Washington, March 29 (RHC) The Washington Post recalled on Monday how the efforts led by Cuban leader Fidel Castro to develop biotechnology on the island in the early 1980s, 40 years later, have placed Cuba before the possibility of becoming the world's smallest country to develop not just one, but multiple coronavirus vaccines.... More

Havana, March 26 (RHC) The British medical journal The Lancet, one of the most influential peer-reviewed scientific publications globally, recognized Cuba's long-standing commitment to health, which has led to a successful response to the COVID-19 pandemic.... More

Havana, March 13 (RHC)-- Cuba's COVID-19 vaccine candidate Soberana 02 (Spanish for 'sovereign') is supplementing Phase III of its clinical trials in Iran with the arrival of 100,000 doses in that country, BioCubaFarma announced on Friday.... More

Havana, March 12 (RHC)-- The Havana province government reported on Twitter that 1,500 people were vaccinated on Thursday in 30 clinical sites with the Soberana 02 Cuban made anti-Covid-19 drug.... More

Havana, March 11 (RHC)--  One year after the first COVID-19 infections were reported in Cuba, the PAHO/WHO representative on the island, José Moya, characterized the government program as multisectoral, focused on prevention and constant monitoring.... More

Havana, March 4 (RHC)-- Developing in a short time four vaccine candidates against Covid-19 is a feat of Cuban biotechnology, but reaching a fifth candidate constitutes a plus to this milestone.... More

Havana, March 4 (RHC)--A group of 44,010 volunteers participates as of Thursday in the third and final clinical trial of the Cuban vaccine candidate against Covid-19 Soberana 02.... More

Havana, February 26 (RHC)--On the occasion of International Cochlear Implant Day, which is celebrated every February 25, health authorities said that Cuba had performed 510 cochlear implant surgeries, especially in the pediatric population,  for the treatment of severe profound deafness.... More

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a mental health crisis in the Americas due to heightened stress and use of drugs and alcohol during six months of lockdowns and stay-at-home measures, the World Health Organization's regional director said.... More

Cuba should conclude clinical trials of "Soberana 01" -- a vaccine candidate against COVID-19 -- by early next year.... More