Low prospects

The Latin American and Caribbean region is one of the hardest hit in the world by the health crisis generated by COVID-19, which keeps the moderate economic and social progress achieved in recent decades in danger of disappearing.... More

The Second Cuba 2021 Business Forum, which took place this past week both virtually and in person, was attended by a large number of foreign participants and showed the interest of business people from all over the world in the potentialities and opportunities offered by the Caribbean nation, backed by a safe and responsible legal framework.... More

In a memorable, even daring gesture, Barbados put an end to the British monarchy and officially became an independent republic, amidst the celebration of its people.... More

Towards hope

Sixty-five years ago hope was reborn in Cuba, a country under a bloody dictatorship, with many families in pain and death, with high rates of poverty, unemployment, unhealthy conditions and illiteracy.... More

Ins and outs of an election 

There are 17 days to go until the final round of the presidential elections in Chile and, despite the fact that polls show Gabriel Boric as the favorite in the voting intentions, there is still a lot of grass to be cleared to find the right path in a confusing and changing panorama.... More

Unequal and under threat

It is far from over.  It is just hidden under tons of information about COVID-19, but the pandemic of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, AIDS, continues to sicken and kill human beings every day anywhere in the world.... More

The Cuban teaching system should receive recognition if we appreciate the corollary of a comparative study applied in 16 countries, on behalf of a structure related to UNESCO's Regional Bureau of Education for Latin America and the Caribbean.... More

Pedro Castillo assumed the presidency of Peru last July; since that moment the right wing has not stopped trying by all means to undermine the government, aimed at all Peruvians, but essentially at the most humble layers of society.... More

Cuba's eastern province of Guantanamo exhibits among its economic and cultural successes the creation of the so-called Chocolate with Coffee Festival, in allusion to two of its main productions, whose fifth version has gained space in the capital of the territory.... More

A sigh of relief 

With a practically unassailable lead, the election of Xiomara Castro to the presidency of Honduras means a new lease on life for that country, the most impoverished in Central America and affected by corruption, as well as organized crime and gang violence.... More

Blinken looks the other way

The U.S. State Department sinned of amnesia, by digging up an incident in Cuba a year ago with archeological overtones and ignoring other essential ones, in its eagerness to stigmatize the Caribbean island.... More

Useless warnings

Since the first symptoms of the syndrome known as "vaccine nationalism" began to appear, associated both with the COVID-19 pandemic and the selfishness of the most powerful, clear minds warned about the fearful consequences that such behavior could entail.... More

In search of a future

Around 5.2 million Honduran citizens are summoned to the polls this Sunday, November 28 to elect their president, deputies and mayors in elections that could be the opportunity to change the course of the country, the poorest in the Central American isthmus.... More

Cuba's Central Bank is exposed, like the other springs of economic, commercial and financial life, to the onslaught of the health crisis and the tightening of the U.S. blockade, a scenario in which it is trying to make progress in its credit functions and increase its electronic operations.... More

Notes for an Agenda (XV) 

The U.S. State Department recently published the list of governments invited to the Virtual Summit on Democracy, Human Rights and Counterterrorism, convened by President Joseph Biden for December 9 and 10.... More