Ciego de Avila, December 21 (RHC)-- Cuba's first bioelectric plant after its synchronization with the Ciro Redondo sugar mill, has generated 2,018 megawatt-hours in five days of its test phase.... More

Seoul, March 22 (RHC)--The Green Climate Fund (GCF) has approved $23.9 million in funding for a coastal resilience project along Cuba's southern coastline. ... More

Havana, Sep 16 (RHC)-- Cuba celebrates Wednesday the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer by rewarding 12 institutions' work in the definitive elimination of the use of polluting elements in that area of the earth's stratosphere.... More

Havana, Aug 24 (RHC) The first Cuban vaccine candidate against Covid-19 in the category of FR (Front Runner), and identified by the acronym Finlay-FR-1, entered Monday the phase of clinical trials in humans.... More

The National Institute of Water Resources (INRH) plans to complete construction of nine desalination plants this year, which will supply drinking water to communities with high levels of salt in their water tables.... More

As a pandemic that's killed over 393,000 people rages on and demonstrations demanding racial justice continue across the globe, the international community on Friday marked World Environment Day with scientifically supported warnings about the importance of protecting nature for the future of humanity.... More

The United Nations regional commission joins the call to raise our voices for nature. To confront the pandemic effectively and sustainably, Latin America and the Caribbean must prioritize green, low-carbon solutions that are centered on people and on our planet.... More

Microplastics are everywhere. They've made their way into our food and water supply. There's no doubt we're ingesting them. ... More

President Donald Trump issued an executive order on May 7 that environmentalists warned will accelerate the corporate exploitation of oceans by relaxing regulations on and streamlining the construction of industrial offshore aquaculture facilities, which critics deride as "floating factory farms" that pump pollution and diseases into public waters.... More

Chinese scientists have developed a kind of nanomaterial that can effectively remove antibiotics in water, according to the Science and Technology Daily Thursday.... More

Researchers revealed on Monday they have for the first time identified an exceptional hunting behaviour known as strand feeding in Australian dolphins, where the marine mammals deliberately beach themselves in order to catch their prey.... More

Researchers estimate that the increase in net methane emission in the Arctic would be smaller than previous predictions, according to a recently published research article in the journal Nature Climate Change.... More

A study jointly conducted by researchers from eight countries has uncovered the origin of Lyman-alpha blobs (LABs), the enormous clouds that emit mysterious ultraviolet radiation.... More

The virus causing COVID-19 disease is stable for several hours to days in aerosols and on surfaces, according to a new study published on Tuesday in The New England Journal of Medicine, a leading U.S. medical journal.... More

Fossil shows that miniature dinosaurs likely shared the earth with giants during the Mesozoic Era

A team of scientists from China, the United States and Canada have found the skull of a tiny dinosaur preserved in 100-million-year-old amber.... More