As part of recent endeavours by Cuban authorities to expand the acreage under cultivation and to reduce food imports, the Government has announced the distribution of tens of thousands of acres of rent-free farmland to individual private farmers, many of whom are members of Credit and Service Cooperatives across the nation.... More

Havana’s Pabexpo Pavilion is ready to host the meeting of National Coordinators that will take place prior to the 2nd Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.... More

The US economic war against Cuba has a direct impact on the island’s food imports destined for schools, nursing homes, hospitals, day-care centers, and the general public. It is a blockade with a direct effect on the nutrition and health of all Cubans.... More

Havana Wakes up Cool

Havana citizens woke up Tuesday morning cooler than ever this year after the arrival of a cold front that pushed temperatures down to 18 Celsius degrees, which for Cubans is cold, even more if it's windy like it is the case here. ... More

The Venezuelan government headed by President Nicolas Maduro has continued to guarantee the people the food security developed by late Bolivarian leader Hugo Chavez. This has not been an easy task to undertake, since in 2013, the country was the target of actions by rightwing circles aimed at destabilizing the steady food supply. Venezuelans say that such event is linked to speculation and stockpiling more than to scarcity of food, as some rightist media outlets want the population to believe by putting the blame on the Venezuelan administration. ... More

The update of the Cuban economic model experienced advancement in 2013 on the firm grounds and in search of local solutions to domestic problems and to the effects of the world financial crisis that have an impact on the efforts aimed at increasing efficiency.... More

Cubans celebrate the 55th anniversary of their Revolution on January 1 as they advance the social project they chose that same day in 1959 and this while involved in a progressive update of their country's socio-economic model.... More

On December 20th, 1989, millions of working people throughout the Americas and the world awoke to the news that the United States had invaded Panama during the night.... More

Pregnant women with diabetes are at high-risk and need special care before, during and after pregnancy. Optimal attention for these women has been a priority at the Cuban Ministry of Public Health since the 1960s and is one of the priority tasks of the National Programme for Maternity and Infant Care in Cuba.... More

Old and prestigious friend, I´m so much pleased to see you have become, and also have been recognized by all world political institutions, a symbol of liberty, justice and human dignity.... More

Nelson Mandela maintained close links with Cuba. Recall his words when he visited the western Cuban province of Matanzas in 1991 when he said, “Cuba has a special place in the heart of the African people.” ... More

The visionaries who drafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the hope of achieving a better world, were far from imagining that some time later the transcendental document would be the subject of manipulation. These deliberate misinterpretations would be the work of people who denigrated its postulates and then sought to condemn the nations that seriously undertake to honor it. ... More

A large electric outage that took occured Venezuela this week has been interpreted by the Bolivarian government as another action by the US-sponsored opposition to destabilize the country in the face of upcoming municipal elections.... More

Talking about a Bolivian telecommunications satellite was perhaps a cause for laughter for some in the past. But the fact is that Bolivia, a country considered one of the poorest in South America, has high political instability inherited from past military regimes and coups. But Bolivia is no longer the same country.... More

Inequalities prevailing in Latin America have a direct impact on children, with a large number of them trying to contribute to their poor families’ income by doing hard, unsafe agricultural work.... More