Madrid, February 12 (RHC)-- A container with solidarity aid for Cuba was set up this Saturday in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid), in an action that marked the starting point for several others in the future.... More

Havana, Feb. 10 (RHC)—The organizing committee of the San Remo Music Awards Cuba Festival has confirmed that the event will take place as planned, from April 5th through the 10th, despite the ongoing media campaign by Cuba enemies, aiming to sabotage the event.... More

Havana, Feb. 10 (RHC)—The Cuban Higher Institute for Sports and Physical Culture hosted Thursday the presentation of the book ‘Medallas al Corazón’, by Cuban journalist and writer Joel García León.... More

Havana, Feb. 10 (RHC)—Cuba’s popular music band Formell y los Van Van will embark on a European tour, set for July 13th through August 14th, in the frameworks of celebrations on their 50th anniversary.... More

Havana, Feb. 10 (RHC)—Cuba praised as ‘decisive’ the support of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) to the Caribbean island state in confronting Covid-19.... More

Havana, Feb. 10 (RHC)—Septeto Sones de Oriente –the oldest septet ensemble in Cuba-- is immersed in the production of a new album to celebrate its 84th anniversary.... More

Rome, Feb. 9 (RHC)-- The Association of Cuban Residents in Italy (Conaci) blasted the ongoing campaign on social media, seeking to sabotage the holding of the San Remo Music Awards Festival in Cuba.... More

Havana, Feb. 9 (RHC)—The 26th Meeting of the Intergovernmental Council of Ibero-American Youth Orchestras is holding session is Havana, aimed at promoting and consolidating artistic training and music development among the new generations.... More

Havana, Feb. 9 (RHC)—Cuba’s Acosta Danza dance troupe, led by International ballet superstar Carlos Acosta, has embarked on a UK tour with their latest show ‘100% Cuban”, which had its world premiere just last week at Avellaneda Hall of Teatro Nacional de Cuba.... More

Havana, Feb. 9 (RHC)—Cuba’s popular trademark ‘Gabi & Sofi’ of children’s didactic games, school materials and other related items has launched new products and services linked to the world of children’s music and audiovisual creation.... More

Havana, Feb. 8 (RHC)-- Cuban musicians Israel Rojas and Yoel Martínez, members of the popular Buena Fe Duo, have arrived in Panama to offer their art, invited by the José Martí Association of Cuban Residents in the Central American nation.... More

Havana, Feb. 8 (RHC)-- US actress Susan Sarandon praised Cuba’s achievements in the fight against Covid-19, particularly the development and production of homegrown vaccines against the deadly disease and its willingness and readiness to help inoculate millions of underserved people in the Global South.... More

Havana, Feb. 8 (RHC)-- Ballet Español de Cuba will start celebrations on its 35th anniversary with the staging of a classic, the show ‘Aquel brujo amor,’ from the dance troupe’s vast repertoire.... More

Havana, Feb. 8 (RHC)-- Cubans on the island have resorted to social media to express their profound admiration for musicians, members of popular Buena Fe Duo, their firm stance in support of the cultural policy of our Revolution and the work of Cuban scientists and health personnel in times of Covid-19.... More

Havana, Feb. 8(RHC)-- The Cuban Children’s Theatre Group La Colmenita delighted their audiences over the weekend at Martí Theatre here in Havana, with their show ‘Fidel habla… ¡te necesito!’ in homage to Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro.... More