Mexico City, November 12 (RHC) – Mexican government spokesman Eduardo Sanchez has said during a news conference in Mexico City that Mexican police have rescued 61 kidnapping victims including children and foreign nationals in the northeastern state of Tamaulipas, an official says.... More

Washington, November 12 (RHC)-- The failure to reach a nuclear agreement with Iran shows that the United States has turned into a colonized entity reporting to Israel, according to a leading political analyst. ... More

Tehran, November 12 (RHC)-- In a move that will bolster the next week's talks in Geneva, Iran says it has reached an agreement with the United Nations' nuclear agency to expand international monitoring. ... More

Mass Layoffs Expected in Chicago

Chicago, November 12 (RHC)-- The U.S. city of Chicago will lose more than 5,600 jobs by the end of the year as grocery giant Safeway has announced that it is leaving the city's market, according to reports on Monday.... More

Manila, November 11 (RHC)-- At least 10,000 people in the central Philippines are now reported dead after Typhoon Haiyan sent a tsunami-like surge of water and debris tearing through Leyte province. News reports from Manila say the death count, which increased nearly ten-fold from Saturday, could rise even higher as rescue workers struggle to reach highly damaged areas where survivors are searching the wreckage for loved ones and foraging for food. ... More

Montevideo, November 11 (RHC)-- Uruguayan President Jose Mujica will fly to Brazil and the to Venezuela today where he is scheduled to meet with Presidents Dilma Rousseff and Nicolas Maduro.... More

Geneva, November 11 (RHC)-- Russia and China have come out in support of a deal between Iran and they six world powers over Tehran's nuclear energy program, one day after Geneva-hosted talks ended inconclusively. ... More

Buenos Aires, November 11 (RHC)-- The medical team taking care of Argentinean President Cristina Fernandez will decide today when she can resume duties and to what degree.... More

Buenos Aires, November 11 (RHC) -- Argentine oil company YPF said it had made a discovery in the Neuquina basin in the country's western province of Mendoza, containing estimated reserves of about 15 million barrels of crude.... More

Ramallah, November 11 (RHC)-- Political analyts say that the Israeli regime has stepped up its campaign to derail talks between Iran and the six major world powers. According to Press TV, at an assembly of the Jewish Agency in East Jerusalem on Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the United States and the European Union not to let up sanctions against Tehran. ... More

Caracas, November 11 (RHC) – As part of a string of measures to combat food shortage, rising inflation, and the theft of government-supplied foreign exchange, the Venezuelan government took over stores of the electronics chain Daka to see that the retailer sells products at fair prices. ... More

Islamabad, November 11 (RHC)-- The Pakistani government has reportedly acknowledged errors in its recent downgrading of civilian casualties from U.S. drone strikes. ... More

Paris, November 11 (RHC) – Ecuador's President Rafael Correa ended an official visit to France on Friday after signing a "strategic pact" that he hopes will allow his country to learn from French technical know-how. ... More

Washington, November 11 (RHC)-- U.S. lawmakers are planning additional sanctions against Iran in a move that is directed at derailing negotiations over a diplomatic solution over Iran's nuclear program. ... More

Warsaw, November 11 (RHC)-- The United Nations’ annual climate summit begins today in Warsaw, Poland. A binding agreement on tackling global warming is off the table, with negotiators focused on reaching a deal for 2015. ... More