Havana, Feb 2 (RHC) The Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) and the Union of Computer Scientists of Cuba (UCI) signed on Wednesday a collaboration agreement for academic, scientific, and cultural activities that contribute to the specialized training of its members.... More

Paris, Feb 2 (RHC) A Cuban delegation from the education sector will discuss next week details of the island's participation in a project that promotes solidarity from childhood, the French People's Relief said today.... More

Havana, Feb. 2 (RHC) The Cuban Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) reported that on Wednesday, February 1, the collaborator Alejandro Aguilera Milanés, a member of the Cuban Medical Brigade in Haiti, who had been kidnapped in the city of Port-au-Prince on January 23 by one of the armed gangs operating in that country, was released.... More

Havana, Feb 2 (RHC) Nothing is more important for our higher education system than responding to the needs of the homeland, committed to the construction of a prosperous, socialist, and sustainable society, José Ramón Saborido Loidi, Minister of Higher Education, said during the International Congress Pedagogy 2023.... More

Havana, Feb 2 (RHC) Cuban authorities appeared on the TV and radio program Mesa Redonda to report on the increase in accident rates in Cuba and the measures taken to reduce the impact of this problem on the population.... More

Havana, Feb 2 (RHC) Cuban Minister of Justice Oscar Silvera Martínez is participating in the final days of the hearing at the High Court of England, in London, United Kingdom, corresponding to the lawsuit filed by the vulture fund CRF I Limited against the Banco Nacional de Cuba (BNC) and the Cuban State.... More

Paris, Feb 2 (RHC) The Cuban embassy in France will host today a ceremony to commemorate the 64th anniversary of the Revolution, the guests include members of the solidarity movement.... More

Havana, Feb 1 (RHC) Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez strongly condemned growing inequalities affecting the entire world as well as poverty hitting millions of people worldwide.... More

Havana, Feb 1 (RHC) Cuba's Center for Drug Research and Development (CIDEM) and Russia's Chemrar pharmaceutical group analyzed possible areas of collaboration, the Cuban scientific institution wrote on Twitter.... More

Havana, Feb 1 (RHC) Guyana´s President Irfaan Ali and Cuban ambassador Jorge Francisco Soberón Luis met on Wednesday to strengthen bilateral relations between the two nations, Cuba´s Foreign Ministry (MINREX) informed.... More

Havana, Feb 1 (RHC) Cuba will have ready next April the operational capacities of the Arimao international submarine fiber optic cable project, after the physical laying of the cable across the sea between the Caribbean Island of Martinique and Cienfuegos.... More

Camagüey, Feb 1 (RHC) The links between Cuban and Dominican universities are strengthened today with the decoration and recognition of Dominican academics for their contributions to research in recent decades.... More

Havana, Feb 1 (RHC) Executives of the health sector said Cuba is betting today on investments in science, technology, and innovation within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry because it is a driving force for development.... More

Havana, Feb 1 (RHC) During the Congress Pedagogy 2023, the president of the Latin American and Caribbean Association of Educators (AELAC), Roberto Herrera, highlighted the region's experiences in maintaining classes despite the Covid-19 pandemic.... More

Havana, Feb 1 (RHC) On Wednesday, a new floating power plant arrived in Cuba as a result of the search for alternatives to boost the country's power generation.... More