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Honduras demands a change

In June 2009, the then constitutional President of Honduras Manuel Zelaya was deposed by a coup. Ten years later, that Central American nation continues suffering deep political, economic and social problems that are continually deepening.

The coup was accompanied by a repressive wave against the Honduran people, economic instability, an increase in poverty, violence and selective murders, as well as an explosive growth in migration.

Today, Honduras is one of the poorest nations in the area. Over sixty percent of its population has migrated and a great portion of the economically active population lacks jobs, while unemployment expands as a result of the Government inaction.

A failed economic model rules that Central American nation, that is the neoliberal model, which only benefits a ruling elite, while the rest of the population is totally excluded economically, socially and politically and subsists in dire misery.

This anti-popular model has been reinforced by President Juan Orlando Hernandez, who took office in twenty fourteen and has maneuvered to twist the nations Constitutional Charter, a move that allowed his fraudulent reelection.

The Honduran Government has been plagued by financial scandals, many of them linked to drug trafficking.

The name of the Honduran President was named in the trial held in the United States against his brother Antonio Hernández, who was found guilty of drug trafficking, use of a deadly weapon and lying to the authorities.

The process revealed that the Honduran President used drug trafficking funds to finance his reelection campaign to buy the votes of deputies.

The situation is tense right now. As soon as the verdict was known, the Hondurans have increasingly taken to the streets to demand the Presidents ouster.

More recently, opposition groups have agreed to form a coalition to ensure the ouster of their narc President. Demonstrations and protests are increasing throughout that Central American nation.

The coalition of opposition groups has declared that the presence of Hernandez in the Presidential Palace is no longer acceptable. Hernandez is accumulating increasing charges of plundering Government funds and growing links to drug trafficking gangs.

Honduras needs an urgent change. Corruption has spread to all fields of Government and business, while poverty expands.

Most certainly, the hard working, honest Honduran people need an appropriate environment that demands the immediate ouster of the delinquents that today rule that Central American nation.


Edited by Lena Valverde Jordi
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