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Mr. Trump forced to shift gears

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has been forced to rescind his recent decisions over the past several weeks, something not too common considering his stubborn personality.  He's apparently frightened by the imminent possibility of losing his residency in the White House next November 3rd.

Until now, the unpredictable president had everyone accustomed to witness the most bizarre resolutions, such as abandoning the Paris Climate Change Agreement, the Nuclear Treaty known as 5 plus one, with Iran, threatening the International Criminal Court, or leaving the World Health Organization.

But, according to Jon Sopel, a journalist from the BBC, Trump discovered that his Cadillac also has a reverse.

The fact is that, once the clutch was in reverse, the gearbox got locked, because he cannot move in any direction, as has been demonstrated by recent events.

The enemy of using masks to stop COVID-19 has now said that putting them on was "patriotic."  Then he went on to say that in some places, schools may take a little longer to re-open, even when he had threatened to stop funding educational centers that did not open when he ordered them to.

Donald Trump also had to cancel the Republican’s Party National Convention in Jacksonville, Florida -- although this decision was taken mainly for the pandemic situation in that state.

More recently, he did something that was truly not expected.  He decided to withdraw the federal forces that repressed the protests against racism in Portland, Oregon.

Up to now, the president's setbacks were seen as tactical movements to appease the criticism of his management and the bad numbers obtained in the voting intention polls, leaning more and more towards his Democratic party contender Joe Biden.

But now new evidence has emerged, pointing to something deeper and perhaps even more dangerous: Trump is actually threatening to hunker down in the White House.   This is evidenced by a message posted on his Twitter account recently, where he “suggests” that the elections should be delayed.

Of course, he cannot make that decision himself, since it is up to the Congress, which never, not even in the worst of circumstances, has interfered with this American tradition.

Interestingly, this suggestion comes out after the announcement that the Gross Domestic Product collapsed at 32.9 points in the last quarter, a devastating fact that will keep the presidential gearbox locked in reverse... at least for now.

Edited by Ed Newman
David Wade say:

I think there is a distinct possibility much of that orange cosmetic that is applied to the skin of the Twitter-in-Chief has been absorbed into his skin and bloodstream, and ended up clogging his presidential brainbox.

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