Authorities report on shortage of liquid petroleum gas due to U.S. sanctions

The Cubapetroleo Union (CUPET) announced on Monday that the recent sanctions imposed by the U.S. Administration on the Pan-American Corporation S.A., have reduced the availability of that fuel on the island.

In a  press release, the state entity informed that the Pan-American Corporation S.A., sanctioned by the Treasury Department on November 26, had contracted the supply of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) that would guarantee the consumption of the population and the state and non-state sectors.

However, the text added that following the sanction, suppliers refused to make the deliveries planned for late December and early January.

CUPET informed that from that moment on, efforts are underway to obtain LPG supplies from other markets. However, so far, they have not succeeded.

While actions to achieve LPG imports continue, CUPET said that the current inventories in the country do not cover consumption needs and that as long there is not a steady supply,  the centers that provide essential services to the population will only have access to the LPG available.

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares


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