Radio and Television Convention Cuba 2014 underway in Havana

Some 120 international exhibitors from 17 countries are attending the 1st Radio and Television Convention - Cuba 2014- to exchange experiences among media outlets from around the world.

Angola and Iran are on hand at the international radio and TV gathering, two countries promoting their professional experiences in generating different information for radio and TV consumers.

HispanTV channel, the Iranian TV channel in Spanish, broadcasting from the heart of the Middle East, is attending convention and fair in Cuba for the first time aimed at strengthening cultural ties and enhancing its approach with other Spanish-speaking countries. The alternative network, oriented to counter cultural monopolies and directed to a global audience, is aimed at letting TV viewers know what is happening in Iran and the world.

Meanwhile, the Angolan National Radio has expectations at the international radio and TV convention currently underway in the Cuban capital to gain experiences and share them with the colleagues in the African country. It has contacted Cuban and Venezuelan stations interested in discussing the production of musical shows in Angola.

The First International Radio and TV Convention will be held until October 24 at Havana’s Conference Center, with the attendance of some 600 delegates from 27 countries.

Edited by Damian Donestevez


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