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Sports News Roundup Sept 29

 Cuba Censorships Talent Theft in Baseball

This Monday's edition of Cuba's Granma newspaper strongly criticized the exodus of players and ex-players to the US Major Leagues, as another way of stealing its sports talents.

With the headline "Hired or adjusted to the laws of the United States?" the newspaper questions the trend that is dealt with in the American press as an escape in searching of an "atmosphere of freedom."

Why are none of the 30 teams in the Majors have been interested in any Cuban baseball players from the latest Cuban recruitment policy approval of these for any baseball category? Why US executives have not approached to the Cuban Baseball Federation for this purpose instead of putting them in the hands of the international crime of human trafficking?, asks Granma.

In this regard, the article blames US policies, particularly the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba, with 50 years of existence and over 20 being condemned by the international community, which does not allow US clubs to hire Cuban players.

In that sense, the newspaper article argues that the Cuban Adjustment Act is the instrument being used to give a semblance of legality to the theft of talent, but it fits only for players who leave their country.

Next, the publication asks why there can not be a normal relationship between MLB teams and Cuban players when it exists with over 240 athletes from 16 nations taking part in the baseball elite tournament in the United States.

You are only eligible if you give up Cuba, according to the Cuban daily, ensuring that between leases and misrepresentations, Cuban sports and players are involved in a turbulent atmosphere.

According to the newspaper, all this "has the miserable target of turning heroes into traitors and for that millions of dollars are allocated. Any resemblance to unconventional warfare is no mere coincidence."

After listing the achievements of some Cuban players in the latest campaign in the so-called Big Top, Granma stated that this only comes to confirm the quality of Cuban baseball and lessons learned in their training.

On this point, the paper reminds readers that once these players have chosen this illegal migration, they lose the right to represent their country in major international events.

It is not Cuba that denies them this right, but the very laws to which they "have been adjusted" which veto them to wear the uniform of the four letters, as they are no longer free to enjoy that sovereign right, notes the daily.

Finally, the paper touches on the recent arrival in the United States of Antonio Pacheco, one of the best Cuban players in history, who aspires to coach or manage a major league team.

Pacheco is and will be remembered for all he did for the fans; however, he is already another victim, the note says.

Granma also recognizes that according to the preparation he acquired in the process of training in Cuba, he will not lack offers, but questioned whether he could be happy to give up his beloved country.

The United States has not rested a minute in its dirty war against Cuba. To do this, for over 50 years it has used both the club and the carrot, understood as subversion... and baseball is another of those edges.

Supported by Frank Camilo Morejon's and Lourdes Gourriel's jr. homers, Industriales defeated 7-5 to its archrival Santiago de Cuba on Sunday and reaffirmed as undefeated leader of the 54th National Baseball Series.

The clash, enjoyed by an overflow crowd at the Latinoamericano Stadium in Havana, marked the 3rd straight win of Industriales against Santiago; thus, the so-called "Lions of the capital" stand as the only unbeaten team in the lid with 6-0.

Supported by outstanding pitching of Brandon Delgado as a starter, and relievers Pavel Pino and Alexander Rodríguez, Industriales' catcher Frank Camilo Morejon was the big man on the winning drive by tying 3-2 with 4 trailers, while right fielder Lourdes Gourriel hit his 3rd homer of the tournament, both against Santiago's starter, Danny Betancourt, who was ejected after hitting Yunieski Gourriel with a wrong pitch, considered as intentionally by the main referee.

For the losers excelled experienced outfielder Reutilio Hurtado who gave home run with loaded bases in the 8th, the 20th slam in national series, consolidating him as the leader in that department, now 2 ahead of his closer follower, the star Omar Linares.

Meanwhile, the champion Pinar del Rio won its 1st game against Isla de la Juventud by 5-2 with excellent pitching work of right-handers Vladimir Baños, who only allowed 1 run through 6 innings, and reliever Vladimir Gutierrez, to which he was made 1 in 4.2 innings of action but took the win.

In other matches, Granma won 1-0 to Villa Clara, Camaguey defeated 10-3 to Guantánamo, Las Tunas 7-3 to Sancti Spiritus, Ciego de Avila 2-1 to Holguin, Cienfuegos 11-3 to Artemisa, and Matanzas got 7-4 vs. Mayabeque.

This Monday is moving day for the teams to begin the 2nd subseries on Tuesday covering Industriales-Holguin, Artemisa-Pinar del Río, La Isla-Guantanamo, Santiago de Cuba-Mayabeque, Matanzas-Cienfuegos, Sancti Spiritus-Granma, Villa Clara-Las Tunas, and Camaguey-Ciego de Ávila clashes, always in the field of the first ones.

The Cuban women's team squandered a lead facing Belarus and suffered its 2nd defeat (69-70) at the World Basketball Championship, based in Turkey.

Missed free and triple throws, combined with great effectiveness of Belarus, gave zero accumulated to Cubans, while their opponents got the last 70-69 with 14 seconds left.

Leidys Oquendo was the best for Cuba with 19 points and 10 rebounds, but had victory in his hands but missed the last attempt and Belarus was successful.

The defeat leaves the Cuban in 3rd place in Group C with 2 losses so they are forced to beat South Korea, which has also lost 2 times to advance to the 2nd round.

In other results on Sunday, Turkey edged Canada 55-44, 65-39 China to Angola, Czech Republic 71-57 to Japan, Australia to South Korea were 87-54, and 89-45 Mozambique vs. France.

Teams from 16 countries came to the 2nd round of the womens' World Volleyball Championship after the last day of the 1st preliminary round, held in Italy, in which the young team of Cuba could not advance.

Among the highlights classified are the United States, Brazil, China and Dominican Republic that concluded undefeated.

Stands out that Dominicans ranked second in Group A, overtaken by the Italians, who accumulated just 1 point (13 for 12), despite losing a game in their 5 outings on the court.

The other teams ranked were Croatia and Germany in the A, Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey in Group B, while in the C were included Russia, the Netherlands and Kazakhstan, and Japan, Belgium and Azerbaijan classified in Group D. In addition to Cuba, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Tunisia, Canada, Cameroon, Thailand and Mexico also said goodbye to the World cap.

Edited by Ivan Martínez
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