Venezuelan President Sends Message of Condolences for Fidel Castro

Caracas, November 26 (RHC)-- Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro spoke on the phone Friday night with his Cuban counterpart, Raúl Castro and conveyed a message of condolences for the passing of Revolution leader Fidel Castro.

He wrote on his twitter account: “I just spoke with President Raúl to express our solidarity with the government and people of Cuba in the wake of Comandante Fidel's passing.”

Prior to his phone conversation with President Raúl Castro, the Venezuelan president expressed shock upon learning the sad news. He wrote on his twitter account: “60 years after the departure of the Granma yacht from Mexico bound to Cuba, Fidel begins his journey to eternity. Ever onward to Victory.!”

He published photos of Fidel taken in the early years of the Cuban Revolution and others in which he was accompanied by Bolivarian leader, the late Hugo Chavez, Bolivian President Evo Morales and former South African President, the late Nelson Mandela, among other world figures.

The Venezuelan leader tweeted a message, urging revolutionaries all over the world to honor the legacy of Fidel Castro, 'his ideals of independence, socialism, and building truly humane, fair societies'.

Edited by Pavel Jacomino


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