Israel Bombs Syrian 'Military Targets' near Damascus

Damascus, December 4 (RHC)-- The Israeli military launched surface-to-surface missiles at targets near the Syrian capital of Damascus over the weekend.  According to reports from Syria, the attack, like several others of its kind, was reportedly carried out in Lebanese airspace by Israeli jets. 

Some of the missiles, which were fired at positions in the countryside of southern Damascus, were intercepted by the Syrian Air Defense while others struck their targets.  This follows a series of seemingly random attacks on Syria by the hostile Israeli Defense Forces, which often target positions near the Golan Heights but have since expanded their operating territory to attack more high-value targets. 

Al-Masdar News reports that one of the targets was a Syrian army ammunition depot in the countryside between the towns of Kiswah and Sahnaya.  However, other sources allege that strikes were aimed at an Iranian military said to be located near Kiswah.  Israel has vowed to combat Iranian influence in Syria to defend its own interests in the region. 

Israel's bombings in Syrian territory typically operate under the guise of combating the Lebanese resistance, Hezbollah, which Israel sees as a primary enemy.  In this way, Israeli officials claim that their strikes are counter-terror operations as the resistance group is considered a terrorist organization under Israeli law. 

Edited by Pavel Jacomino


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