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Bolivia's Foreign Minister Fernando Huanacuni Mamani
Bolivia to Strengthen Economic, Political Relations with Cuba

Havana, June 27 (RHC-ACN)-- Bolivia's Foreign Minister Fernando Huanacuni Mamani said on Monday in Havana that his country wants to strengthen economic relation... More

Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy
Senator Patrick Leahy Says Preventing U.S. Citizens from Traveling Freely to Cuba is 'Absurd'

Washington, June 27 (RHC)-- Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy has harshly criticized President Trump's Cuba policy rollback.... More

Belize to Increase Links with Cuba

Belmopan, June 27 (RHC-PL)-- Belize will increase its links with Cuba, Tracy Taegar-Panton, Belizean State Minister for Economic Development, Oil, Investments a... More

Spain Donates Copies of Historical Documents to Cuba

Havana, June 27 (RHC-PL)-- Spain's state-run archives will deliver facsimiles of several historical documents related to the island to the National Archive of t... More

 U.S. Filmmaker, Oliver Stone
Oliver Stone Rejects U.S. Policy Change Towards Cuba

Havana, June 27 (RHC-PL)-- Award-winning U.S. filmmaker, Oliver Stone, has expressed today his support for Cuba facing the U.S. policy change proclaimed by Pres... More

World Peace Movement Denounces Washington's Interference in Cuban Affairs

Havana, June 26 (RHC)-- The World Peace Movement has denounced the aggressive Cuba policy of the new U.S. administration, which resorts to threats to try to des... More

Influential U.S. Media Lashes out at Trump's Cuba Policy Shift

Havana, June 26 (RHC)-- Some of the most influential media outlets in the United States have lashed out at President Donald Trump's latest Miami speech.... More

Global Trade Unionists Demand End of U.S. Blockade against Cuba

Brussels, June 26 (RHC)-- Union leaders from 13 countries representing the five continents, gathered at the Brussels International Trade Union Meeting... More

 Foreign Minister of Bolivia Fernando Huanacuni
Foreign Ministers of Bolivia, New Zealand to Visit Cuba

Havana, June 26 (RHC) -- Foreign ministers of Bolivia and New Zealand, Fernando Huanacuni and Gerry Brownlee, respectively, will begin official visits to Cuba t... More

Cuba to Welcome Larger Numbers of Tourists this Year

Havana, June 26 (RHC-Xinhua) -- Cuba expects to welcome 4.2 million tourists this year, 200,000 more than in 2016, a Cuban tourism official said Sunday.... More

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