Cuba Holds President Donald Trump Responsible for Setback in Bilateral Migratory Relations

Havana, January 16 (RHC)-- Cuba holds the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump responsible for the current setback in bilateral migratory relations.

An article published Tuesday in Cuba's daily newspaper Granma salutes the fifth anniversary this year of the implementation by Cuban authorities of transcendental changes to the country's migratory policy.  It laments, though, the persistence of the so-called Cuban Adjustment Act, calling it the main obstacle to normal migratory ties between the United States and Cuba.
Granma, the official newspaper of the Cuban Communist Party, says that despite the marked hostility of the Trump Administration and its latest measures, aimed at hampering the safe, legal and orderly migratory flow between the two countries, Cuba moves toward updating its migration policy.

The newspaper article denounces the fact that Washington has long used its arbitrary migratory policy toward Cuba as a weapon to attack the Cuban Revolution, by promoting irregular migration flows of Cubans into the U.S. --a practice that has claimed thousands of Cuban lives, while instigating human trafficking and the hijacking of planes and vessels, among other related crimes.

The Cuban newspaper denounced as 'unjustifiable' the measures adopted in 2017 by the Trump Administration, which affect the functioning of both Washington's embassy in Havana and the Cuban diplomatic mission in Washington D.C.    

The article stated: “With the arrival of a new government to the White House, a new chapter in U.S.-Cuba relations has been opened, marked by the further tightening of the blockade policy to appease the personal interests of a small group of U.S. legislators, who do not represent the vast majority of the Cuban-American community.”

Edited by Pavel Jacomino


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