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Cuban Parliament provides details about upcoming installation of 19th legislature

Cuban Parliament

Cuban Parliament

Havana, April 12 (RHC)-- The National Assembly of People's Power, the Cuban Parliament, on Wednesday provided details about the installation of a new legislature on April 19th, when a new Cuban president will also be elected.

In a press release, the Parliament informed that during the inaugural session of the new legislature, each and every one of the 605 deputies elected by the people on March 11th, will be sworn in. 

They recalled that voter turnout in the March 11th elections, held in all 168 municipalities across Cuba, surpassed 86 percent.

At the inaugural session, the newly-sworn in Cuban deputies will elect the National Assembly secretariat and a new Council of State, which will be made up of one president, one first vice president, five vice presidents, one secretary and 23 members.

The Council of State is the government body that represents the National Assembly in between legislative sessions. It executes the Assembly's accords. Under the Cuban Constitution, the Council's president is the head of state and government of the Republic of Cuba. 

Cuban president Raúl Castro reaffirmed on December 21st, 2017 that he will not seek a new term in office, thus when the new legislature is installed on April 19th, Cuba will have a new president.

Edited by Pavel Jacomino
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