Cuba enters second week of public debate of its draft constitution

Havana, August 20 (RHC)-- Cuba entered this Monday its second week of public debates around a proposed new Constitution with discussions of the text extending until November 15th. The draft constitution was approved by the Cuban National Assembly in late July.

For the second consecutive week, at work centers and other institutions across the island, citizens will be meeting to express their voicing and make suggestions on the text.

The draft constitution ratifies the socialist character of Cuba's political system and the leading role of the Communist Party in society.

Among the most debated issues so far have been the legalization of same-sex marriage, the need to strengthen Cuba's legislative bodies from the bottom up, and the opening of greater spaces for Cubans in the economic development of their nation.

At some of the meetings, limiting the age of the president of the Republic to 60 for a first term, as proposed in the new text, has also generated discussion.  The right to euthanasia and the need for a law to protect animals are also among the most debated aspects in meetings throughout the national territory.

Once the public debate of the new Magna Carta concludes, the text will return for consideration of the National Assembly, before being submitted for its final approval through a referendum.

Edited by Pavel Jacomino


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