Cuban lawmakers evaluate draft of new Electoral Law

Esteban Lazo, presient of the National Assembly of People´s Power

Havana, June 20 (RHC)-- The Cuban Parliament held a meeting on Wednesday for the introduction of the draft of the new Electoral Law, which will be discussed by lawmakers and legal experts island wide before its approval.

The change of the electoral law was mandated by the recently approved Constitution, which established that the legislation should be approved six months after the enactment of the New Magna Carta.

In introducing the new draft, Jose Luis Toledo, Chairman of the Parliament´s Constitutional and Legal Matters Committee, described some of the new changed included on the text, like the creation of a National Electoral Council as a permanent organ.

The proposal recognizes two periodic elections, one at municipal and another at national level, and in the acts of constitution of the Assemblies of Popular Power the process of validation of the election is simplified.

The Draft Electoral law also proposes a reduction of deputies to 474 legislators from the current figure of 605.

In this regard, Toledo stressed that the new number will make sure that all municipalities and sectors are proportionally represented in the legislative body.

The proposed legislation contemplates variations in the number of members of the Council of State, which would be made up of 21 members, including its leadership.

Starting this week, Cuban lawmakers will be able to make suggestions and proposal to improve the draft.

The speaker of the Cuban parliament, Esteban Lazo Hernandez, urged  all lawmakers and the Cuban people in general to study the draft new electoral law, which is available on the website of the Cuban National Parliament.

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares


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