Participants at Havana event issue Declaration of Solidarity with Cuba

Gail Walker,  IFCO-Pastors for Peace Executive Director

Havana, November 3 (RHC)-- Gail Walker, executive director of the U.S.-based Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO) Pastors for Peace, read the Declaration of Solidarity with Cuba at the closing session on Sunday of the Anti-Imperialist Encounter of Solidarity, for Democracy and against Neoliberalism.

"We support the construction of a prosperous Cuba, based on José Martí's principle of who rises today with Cuba, rises for all times," she said. 

In the document, participants demanded the lifting of the blockade and condemned the implementation of the Helms-Burton Act, which violates the island´s rights.  They also called for the support of the resolution that will be voted at the UN General Assembly next week to demand the lifting of the anti-Cuba policy. 

The declaration also called for the return of the territory that the US illegally occupies at its naval base in Guantánamo, on the eastern part of the island, and rejected the White House and its allies growing attacks against the Cuban medical collaboration program. 

The text read by U.S. activist Gail Walker called on progressive people of the world to spread the truth about Cuba amid the slander-campaign against the achievements of the Cuban Revolution. 

Participants also called for the highest possible international mobilization by carrying out public actions in the media and condemning the growing imperialist aggressions against the Caribbean island.






Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares


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