School Year Opens in Cuba with over 1.8 Million Students

Havana, September 1 (RHC) -— The 2014-2015 school year opened in Cuba on Monday with a student registration of over 1.8 million and the consolidation of changes in all education levels.

The integral education of students is based on school curricula and the contribution by their families and society in general. Along with the ethical, aesthetic and patriotic values, Cuban education centers will emphasize student discipline, order, personal and environmental hygiene.

High schools in particular will be outfitted with new labs for scientific subjects, while professional and technical education will continue to enhance its projects to form technicians in urban planning and lab analysis, health statistics, electro-medicine and other important subjects related to the health sector.

Meanwhile, higher education will add another six universities, which will join an integration project underway in the sector since 2011, which has already yielded important results.

Elementary school children, those in high school and at universities, woke up on Monday to a new school year, and left their homes early in the morning to meet their peers and professors, full of enthusiasm.

Cuba has maintained free and universal education at all levels -- a major achievement of Cuban society and its Revolution.

Edited by Juan Leandro


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