China's helping hand

Edited by Ed Newman
2024-04-08 12:26:44


By Roberto Morejón

The advance of a rice donation and the completion, with Chinese help, of the deepest oil well ever drilled in Cuba, illustrated in recent weeks the scope and relevance of cooperation between the two countries.

The Cuban oil industry reported with satisfaction the completion of the 8,477-meter well with the assistance of the Chinese company Gran Muralla.

More recent was the visit to Havana of Luo Zhaohui, president of China's International Cooperation Agency for Development, when a donation of rice was made and memorandums of understanding were signed in the agri-food, biotechnology, transportation and communications industries.

The stay of the illustrious visitor was described by the host government as significant and a reflection of the consensus reached by the presidents of both countries, Xi Jinping and Miguel Díaz-Canel, who have met several times.

The most recent agreements and other previous ones are part of the course of relations that stand out for their special nuance.

China understands and cooperates with Cuba in pressing circumstances for the latter, due to the tightening of the U.S. blockade and the inclusion of the Caribbean country in a list that Washington unilaterally points out as sponsors of terrorism.

Now, if Beijing's gestures and actions towards Havana are relevant and comprehensive, so are the prospects for exchanges.

The Chinese President spoke of a community with a shared future and in view of that aspiration, the steps taken in that direction come to mind.

China has established itself as the second largest trading partner of the land of José Martí, the second nation of origin of imports and the main destination of Cuban exports of goods.

The Caribbean state, where the Air China airline is due to fly to in May, joined the Silk Road and Belt Initiative and shares with the Asian giant part of its advances in science.

As Cuba has stressed, the world power does not impose political requirements for the granting of credits or financial facilities, contrary to what has been speculated in part of the hegemonic press and the so-called independent press, financed from abroad.  

The two parties have been quick in their ties and expectations are high, as in tourism, and Cubans are consistent with the commitments they have made.


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