Frank Pais Life on Display at Museum in Santiago de Cuba

Edited by Ivan Martínez
2015-07-30 13:54:26


Frank Pais, the head of sabotage actions of the July 26th Movement, who was brutally murdered in Santiago de Cuba 58 years ago today, was a man of great artistic sensibility. That facet of the hero's life is on display at the Frank Pais Museum in the eastern city.

Meisi Martin Martinez, is the director of the museum in Santiago de Cuba. "Culture greatly influenced the life of this hero, in a very versatile way despite his young age, since Frank dabbled in various forms of art, in this case paintings, music and composition of religious hymns."

Frank Pais had affinity for the arts."At the museum, we have a collection dedicated to Frank's paintings, which show various facets of Frank, including his inclination toward flora and fauna. He was a lover of animals, plants, and other things that are treasured at the museum. We also have several of his paintings; with some paintings of the faces of women."

 Music occupied an important place in the life of the clandestine fighter. "He played the piano and directed the choir of the Baptist church, where he sang tenor in the choir."

And Frank País had a preference for various musical genres. "He loved the bolero, the son, the zarzuela, and the tango. Among his favorites were Lucho Gatica, Elvis Presley, Nat King Cole and Xiomara Alfaro."

We were curious to know how we learned of his preferences for these musical performers. "We made a survey of his record collection, which we now keep at the museum. It was a donation of the collection that was found at the house where Doña Rosario, his mother, lived in San Carlos."

After Frank was murdered, she moved to this house and then we brought his collection of records from there. This was the theme chosen for a master thesis and thanks to this study, we could determine Frank's favorite music and his favorite performers.

This piano was played by Frank's mother, Doña Rosario, and she gave him piano lessons. Along with his other brothers, Frank is the one that leaned to the arts and took piano lessons until he reached the third level.

At the Baptist church, he also played the accordion, and there is also a room at the museum dedicated to the artistic sensibilities of Frank, where his musical instruments are displayed.


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