Death Buoys in the Rio Grande

The governor of the US state of Texas, Greg Abbott, has turned the profile of buoys, those floating beacons that aid navigation, into a passport to gruesome deaths for migrants.... More

This week marked a new anniversary of the creation of ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, with which Cuba maintains historical and excellent relations of friendship and cooperation, both at the bloc level and bilaterally with the 10 member countries.... More

In a criminal act of total disregard for life, at the end of World War II, on August 9, 1945, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki; three days earlier it had dropped it on Hiroshima. The two Japanese cities became an inferno, death surprised their inhabitants in less than a minute.... More

A close friend of Cuba, Venezuelan Diosdado Cabello, on an official visit to the Caribbean archipelago, has made clear the deep ties that bring him closer to the land of José Martí and Fidel Castro, whom he recalled, admires and pays respect to.... More

The Amazon Summit opens its doors in the Brazilian city of Belém de Pará, an opportunity to coordinate actions to save the largest tropical rainforest on the planet, home to some 400 indigenous peoples.... More

In the western province of Matanzas and the rest of Cuba respectfully remembered the 17 dead during the fire at the supertanker base, on the first anniversary of a tragedy that shook this archipelago.... More

More than a decade of neoliberalism led to a critical state of the educational system in Honduras, a situation that since her arrival to the presidency in January 2022 Xiomara Castro proposed to reverse.... More

As every year since 1990, Breastfeeding Week, an initiative of the World Alliance for Action on Breastfeeding, is celebrated around the world from August 1 to 7. Since the beginning, 120 countries have joined in favor of mother and child.... More

Nearly half a century after one of the most abominable crimes in Latin America, the coup d'état against Chilean President Salvador Allende, many sectors in the southern country are still delving into the truth of the facts.... More

The study of NeuralCim, a neuroprotective drug for people with mild or moderate Alzheimer's disease, is progressing throughout Cuba, as a result of research carried out by the renowned Center for Molecular Immunology.... More

As every year, Cuba joined the World Breastfeeding Week, which will be extended until the coming August 7th and has the purpose of raising awareness about the benefits of breast milk for the development of infants, as it is a safe source of nutrients and reduces the risk of neonatal mortality.... More

The Information and Communications Technologies sector is part of the strategic axes of the National Economic and Social Development Plan until 2030 and Cuba has been working on that path in recent years.... More

In the midst of fatiguing temperatures, Cubans, especially Havana residents, faced additional difficulties in the distribution of water through the traditional system, a problem urgently attended to, although the country's financial resources are very limited.... More

Building total peace in Colombia

The construction of peace in Colombia requires the active participation of all citizens, one of the points agreed upon in Havana in the third cycle of negotiations currently being held between the government of President Gustavo Petro and the insurgent National Liberation Army.... More

A recent report by the Missionary Indigenist Council confirms the constant violations of the rights of native peoples under the four-year term of office of the now former president Jair Bolsonaro, when almost 800 homicides of members of these ethnic groups were recorded throughout the country.... More