President Miguel Diaz-Canel congratulates 2021 National Film Award laureate Mario Balmaseda

Edited by Lena Valverde Jordi
2021-03-16 12:16:46


2021 National Film Award laureate Mario Balmaseda

Havana, March 15 (RHC)-- President Miguel Diaz-Canel congratulated actor Mario Balmaseda, who was granted the 2021 National Film Award.

Writing on Twitter, Diaz-Canel described Balmaseda's performances on the TV series 'En silencio ha tenido que ser' and the film Baragua, as unforgettable, adding that with his impeccable characterizations, Balmaseda taught us to learn more about and love our heroes.

‘His villains also helped us to assess the enemy,’ Diaz-Canel added.

On Thursday, Balmaseda was granted the 2021 National Film Award for his versatility and long and fruitful professional experience in Cuban film, theater and television, Cubacine's website reported.

A member of the jury, actress Paula Alí said: “Mario Balmaseda has done a lot for Cuban culture in general, as he is not only an excellent film actor, but also a theater and television actor. We should all congratulate ourselves for having made this choice”.

Balmaseda studied dramaturgy at the National Theater of Cuba and the former German Democratic Republic.

His passion transcended the stage and his foray into the big screen earned him the respect and admiration of the public and specialized critics alike.

Mario Balmaseda stars in several films, notably ‘El hombre de Maisinicu’ by director Manuel Perez Paredes (1973); ‘De cierta manera’ by Sara Gomez (1974); ‘El brigadista’ by Octavio Cortazar (1977); the comedy film ‘Se permuta’ by Juan Carlos Tabio (1984); ‘Baragua,’ by Jose Massip (1986), where he plays the part of none other than Lt. General of the mambi army Antonio Maceo. Also, ‘La inútil muerte de mi socio Manolo’, by Julio Garcia Espinoza (1990); ‘Entre ciclones’, by Enrique Colina (2002), and ‘La obra del siglo’, Carlos M. Quintela (2015) carry Mario Balmaseda’s indelible imprint.

Mario Balmaseda was awarded the National Theater Prize in 2006 and the National Television Prize in 2009.


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