Cuban volleyball continues to fight for ninth place in the U21 World Championship

Edited by Ed Newman
2021-09-30 09:59:33


Cuba team in U21 volleyball world championship

Havana, September 30 (RHC/ACN)-- The Cuban men's team will face Iran on Sunday, after two days of transfer and rest of the 16 teams participating in the U21 volleyball World Championship, which closes next October 3 with venue shared by Bulgaria and Italy.

According to the International Federation's website, Jesús Cruz's disciples will play against the Iranians in the first day that will define the places from 9 to 12, in which Canada and Thailand will also be in action, in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia.

The Cubans finished third in group B, with nine points, one win and one setback, behind Poland (9/3-0) and Bulgaria (6/2-1) and ahead of Bahrain (0/0-3), and second (6/2-1) in group H, led by Canada (9/3-0), with Bahrain (3/1-2) and Cameroon (0/0-3) in third and fourth places, in that order.

Cuba's victories in B were against Bahrain and Cameroon -by no-show- and against Bahrain, in H, while the setbacks in B were against Poland and Bulgaria, and in H against Canada.

The semifinal matches between the Russians and Argentineans, and the Italians and Poles, are also scheduled for this Sunday in the Italian city of Cagliari, while in the city of Carbonia, the Czechs and Bulgarians, and the Brazilians and Belgians will play for the fifth to eighth places.

The 13th to 16th places will also be up for grabs, with the Egypt-Cameroon and Bahrain-Morocco challenges, in Sofia.

Cuba finished tenth in the 2019 World Cup, in Bahrain, where Iran was champion, escorted on the podium by Italy and Brazil, followed by Russia, Argentina, China, South Korea, Bahrain, Czech Republic, Poland, Canada, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Puerto Rico.


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