Oct 9, -- Cuban GM Lazaro Bruzon suffered on Tuesday another defeat at the “Entre Faros” Chess Tournament, which is played in Galicia, Spain, after losing to his Hungarian counterpart Richard Rapport.... More

Oct 8, -- The Cuban boxing team trains very hard with boxers of Ireland, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, the host, overlooking the World Championship, scheduled from the 14th to 27th, in Azerbaijan, said the president of the Cuban Federation, Alberto Puig.... More

Oct 8, -- A group of 10 Cuban chess players will compete in events based in Colombia and Panama.... More

Cuban Youth Judo Team to Slovenia

Oct 8, -- The Cuban junior judo team traveled on Tuesday to France to develop a training base before the U-21 World Championship based in Slovenia from October 23rd to the 27th.... More

Oct 8, -- Cuba women's team suffered its 3rd setback in the I World U23 Volleyball Championship, losing 0-3 to China in the 4th day of the contest, based in Mexico.... More

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Oct 3, -- A Cuban quartet of female cyclists conquered the team event at the Cuban Track Cycling Cup.... More

Oct 3, -- Cuban multi-medalist Lisandra Guerra stood out with 2 golden medals at the Cuba Track Cycling Cup, which runs until Saturday.... More

Oct 3, -- Cuban badminton player Osleni Guerrero debuted with a victory in the doubles category at the International Tournament of Brazil, held in the city of Sao Paulo.... More

Oct 3, -- The 53rd Cuban Baseball Series will begin on November 3rd in the central city of Santa Clara, 206 km. east of the capital, the Baseball National Federation confirmed today.... More

Cuban Track Cycling Team Sweeps Event ; Lisandra Guerra Wins Two Gold Medals in Cuba Track Cycling Cup ; Cuban Badminton Player Guerrero Debuts with Victory in Brazil ; Cuban Baseball Series Kick-Off Confirmed for Nov. 3 ... More

Oct 3, – Fresh from their experience at a Cayman versus Cuba event, Tafari Ebanks and Kendall Ebanks have been sponsored by Elite Marble and Granite to go and train in Cuba with the Cuban Olympic boxers.... More

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