Caribbean cooperation to increase in face of natural disasters

Edited by Juan Leandro
2014-05-03 17:49:10

Merida May 3 (RHC). Vital issues to the Caribbean such as climate change, natural disasters, trade and air and maritime links were discussed at two summit conferences just concluded in the Mexican city of Merida.

The Sixth Summitt of the Association of the Caribbean States and the Third Meeting of Mexico and CARICOM, that is the Caribbean Community, took place with the presence of the area’s leaders hosted by Enrique Peña Nieto the Mexican Head of State.

The conference results included the adoption of measures to prevent natural disasters, increase trade and air links and the taking of advantage of the possibilities offered by sustainable tourism.

Mexican proposals were gladly received to also introduce into the area a system of sustainable geospatial information and a platform for disaster management.

Luis Moreno, a Colombian delegate, pointed out that the shipment of a container from one Caribbean nation to another generally takes twice the time and may cost up to four times more than the same shipment in the industrialized North.

The meeting of the Association of the Caribbean States was preceded by the Third Mexico-Caricom summit, which reached agreements on the
management of natural disasters and the expansion of cooperative measures in food availability.

The Mexican delegates received widespread applause following the announcement that Mexico will devote $14 million to an aid package to face the consequences of climate change in the Caribbean island states.

Mexico will also provide Caricom nations with training on agricultural development, the Spanish language,  statistical information and on the creation of technologically-oriented institutions for the prevention of chronic diseases.


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