Colombia surpasses 100 social leaders murdered in 2021

Edited by Ed Newman
2021-07-24 23:26:44


Authorities still do not know the motive for the murder of Vianey Gaviria in the department of Caquetá. | Photo: AS Colombia

Bogota, July 25 (RHC)-- The Institute for Development and Peace Studies (Indepaz) has reported the murder of social leader José Vianey Gaviria in the Colombian department of Caquetá.

With the crime of the social leader in the village of Unión Peneya in La Montañita, Caquetá, 101 social leaders have been murdered so far in 2021.  According to Indepaz, the lifeless body of Vianey Gaviria was murdered on Friday morning by armed men who arrived at the place where the social leader was and shot him without saying a word.

Vianey Gaviria was a recognized social leader, who collaborated with peasant groups, and was currently a prosecutor of the Junta de Acción Comunal of a neighborhood located in the rural area of the department of Caquetá.

The authorities still do not know the motives for the murder of Vianey Gaviria. However, the inhabitants say that most of the problems have to do with land and disputes between irregular armed groups.

Earlier Indepaz reported the murder of young Andres Cordoba Tamaniza, of the Embera Chami people.
It also denounced the murders of social leaders Juana Iris Ramírez, in the Colombian department of Magdalena, and of Andrés Córdoba Tamaniza in Caldas.

According to Indepaz, with the crime of José Vianey Gaviria, 1,217 social leaders have been murdered since the signing of the Peace Agreement in the South American country.



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