Venezuelan president sends letter to 77th Session of UN General Assembly

Edited by Ed Newman
2022-09-25 17:54:30


One of the key points of this letter was a call of conscience to humanity, in these critical moments in which life itself on the planet is in danger. Sept. 24, 2022. | Photo: United Nations

United Nations, September 25 (RHC)-- On behalf of President Nicolas Maduro, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Carlos Rafael Faría Tortosa read out the letter sent to the 77th Session of the UN General Assembly.

One of the key points of this letter was a call of conscience to humanity, in these critical moments in which life itself on the planet is in danger. The unipolar hegemonic order and its supremacist civilizational model have violated and threatened the indispensable international law, ignoring the self-determination and specificity of peoples.

The letter said that Venezuela has been the victim of a hybrid war aimed at regime change that has committed a crime against humanity against its people, all because Venezuela has successfully implemented an alternative model - Bolivarian socialism that guarantees civil and human rights.

It stated that "as one of the world's leading oil and gas powers, Venezuela can and wants to be useful, as a member of OPEC, in this energy emergency that has been dragging on for a decade and that deeply affects the price and supply system, and impacts the poorest countries as well as the richest ones."

Furthermore, the letter stated that the Venezuelan people, like all peoples, aspire to peace in a multipolar and pluricentric world, without supremacism or intolerance.  Therefore, Venezuela advocates a solution through dialogue and understanding to the armed conflict developing between Russia and Ukraine, subscribes to the peace proposal made by president lópez Obrador and offers itself as a mediator.

In addition, Faría stated that Venezuela aspires to a dialogue between equals, and has confidence in the world and the rational resolution of conflicts.  The letter continued saying that the root of the current world crisis lies in the capitalist system and its globalizing and neoliberal implementation. The crisis of the West, which has brought the world to the current state of danger, involves an ethical crisis: the North must learn to coexist with a difference and not submit it for its benefit.

In addition, it read that a central part of it is a crisis of truth, where lies the manipulation of facts through the manipulation of knowledge and emotions of the public, deteriorating one of the essential values of Western civilization, to the detriment of all credibility and trust.  Venezuela joins the defense of truth and veridiction as a principle of understanding, coexistence, and rationality.

As a final point, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela said that Venezuela repudiates all the mechanisms of coercion that are and have been applied against it and countries such as Cuba, Nicaragua, Russia, and Iran, to bend the will of their people and also calls for the right of the Saharawi and Palestinian peoples to their homeland, and reiterates its historical position in favor of Argentina in the Malvinas case.



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