Brazil's Worker's Party warns Bolsonaro hopes for chaos after defeat

Edited by Ed Newman
2022-11-02 16:38:46


Brazil's Worker's Party warns Bolsonaro hopes for chaos after defeat

Brasilia, November 2 (RHC)-- The president of the Workers' Party (PT), Gleisi Hoffmann, denounced that President Jair Bolsonaro is betting on imposing chaos in Brazil after the electoral defeat he suffered on Sunday.  On the social network Twitter, the congresswoman considers the delayed speech of the far-right politician, 48 hours after his defeat in the second round of voting against the elected president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, to be senseless.

Bolsonaro kept long silence after the fiasco at the polls and when he made the pronouncement he did not admit the result of the plebiscite and neither has he called, as usual, the elected head of state.  The demonstrations are "the result of indignation and the feeling of injustice for the way the electoral process took place," said the former paratrooper in his brief two-minute speech.

Hoffmann recalls in the social network that "Lula contested six presidential elections.  When he lost, he abided by the result and never promoted disorder."  The 77-year-old former trade unionist participated in elections in 1989, 1994 and 1998, and only won in 2002, 2006 and now in 2022.  

Police associations warned the day before that Bolsonaro's silence about his disappointment in the elections hinders the pacification of the country and contributes to stimulate the truckers' blockades on the highways of the South American giant.

The National Federation of the Federal Highway Police and unions related to that force defend in a statement the respect for the result of the vote that gave the victory to Lula.  "The result of the 2022 elections expresses the will of the majority of the population and must be respected," the associations indicate.

The closures of arteries were reported for the first time on Sunday. In previous years, truckers affected the economy by not allowing the passage of goods between territories.

For Hoffmann, "to recognize blockades as peaceful movements is to encourage them" and calls Bolsonaro, who "never thought about the country," irresponsible.


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