Bolivian lawmakers censure government minister

Edited by Beatriz Montes de Oca
2023-06-28 14:42:53


Bolivian lawmakers censure government minister


Havana, June 28 (RHC) Bolivia awaits this Wednesday the dismissal of the Minister of Government, Eduardo del Castillo, after the vote of no confidence issued by the majority of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP) after his interpellation for the internment of stolen vehicles.

Of 144 senators and representatives, 101 voted against the challenged incumbent, 42 for the pure and simple agenda and a blank vote was recorded, according to the result of the count.

According to Law 1350 of September 16, 2020, "once the censorship has been resolved, the president (...) within a maximum period of 24 hours of having received formal knowledge, must replace the censored minister".

The vice president of Bolivia and ex officio head of the Legislative Branch, David Choquehuanca, presided over the session and gave an account of the result of the debate referred to "the traffic of stolen vehicles".

Last April, the Plurinational Constitutional Court (TCP) declared unconstitutional the articles of Law 1350 that prohibited a new appointment by the president of a censured minister in the ALP.

However, in the same sentence the constitutionality of the article that indicates the obligatory nature of the dismissal within a period of 24 hours of having received formal knowledge of the result of this type of vote is ratified.

Del Castillo attended his third interpellation on Tuesday in less than two months. He came out of the two previous ones that were held on May 23 and June 13 last.

During the session, del Castillo explained how the state security apparatus operates to prevent the entry of stolen vehicles, detect and return motorized ones to the nations of origin.

He reported that in 2022, 52 stolen vehicles were identified, of which 31 were from Chile, five from Argentina, 16 from Brazil and all were returned to their owners.

He added that during the current year eight vandalized cars were located in Chile, of which five were returned to their owners, and 1,219 criminals of this type were apprehended. (Source: PL)


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