Palestinian prime minister says Israeli terror machine keeps killing Palestinians with impunity

Edited by Ed Newman
2023-08-16 22:44:34


Palestinians carry the body of Qusay Omar al-Walaji, 16, during his funeral in the West Bank city of Ariha (Jericho) on August 15, 2023. He was killed during an Israeli raid on the Aqabat Jaber refugee camp. (Photo via Twitter)

Ramallah, August 17 (RHC)-- Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh says Israel’s “terror machine” continues to commit crimes against Palestinians with impunity.  He made the remarks in a statement released on Tuesday after the killing of two young Palestinian men during a violent raid by Israeli forces at Aqabat Jaber refugee camp, near the West Bank city of Ariha (Jericho).

“The Israeli terror machine does not stop committing more crimes” as the regime’s military and political officials “openly talk about” the killing of the Palestinian people, Shtayyeh said.  He also noted that the killings continue without the slightest regard for international law.

In the early hours of Tuesday, a large number of Israeli troops, onboard dozens of military vehicles, stormed Aqabat Jaber refugee camp, resulting in armed clashes with local Palestinians.

Qusay Omar al-Walaji, 16, and Muhammad Ribhi Nujoom al-Omar, 25, suffered bullet injuries during the clashes and were taken to Ariha Hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

More than 200 Palestinians have so far been killed this year in the occupied Palestinian territories and Gaza.

Following the martyrdom of the two Palestinians, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) strongly condemned the continuation of heinous Israeli crimes.

Such atrocities are “an extension for open war and organized terrorism perpetrated by Israel as an occupying power across all occupied Palestinian territories in a flagrant violation against the international humanitarian law,” the 57-member body said.

It further held the Israeli occupation “fully and directly responsible for its persistent violations and crimes against the Palestinian people, calling on the international community to uphold its responsibility and take actual measures to put an end to the persistent Israeli occupation’s [atrocities].”

Israel launches raids on various West Bank cities almost on a daily basis under the pretext of detaining what it calls “wanted” Palestinians. The raids usually lead to violent confrontations with residents.

The Tel Aviv regime has recently ramped up its attacks, killing more than 200 Palestinians since the beginning of this year.



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